Carbs/types for lean mass

  1. Carbs/types for lean mass

    Ok, it's well known that complex carbohydrates have more positive than negative related to them when it comes to insulin sensitivity. However, I always seem to be at my leanest when I eat much more fruit, natural fruit juices(100% with no other ingredients), and milk. Fruit contains a lot of sugar which goes against the norm of leaning out yet I seem to stay leaner than if I am on a strict complex carb only diet. Just wondering other people's take on this

  2. Water retention and inflammatory reaction to wheat/gluten?


  3. Water retention for sure.

  4. Fructose has a number of unique properties. For example, it preferentially refills liver glycogen and doesn't stimulate insulin secretion, unlike glucose. As you probably know, insulin inhibits lipolysis (fat breakdown). Also, many fruits are high in fiber and may have a beneficial effect on your satiety (overall hunger), resulting in a lower net calorie intake (which would help keep you lean).

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