Post-training Carbohydrates?

  1. Post-training Carbohydrates?

    Hi guys, Rob here!

    First-time post.

    So, post-training. I know it's important to mix carbs with complete protein for your first meal to spike insulin levels and replenish fallen glycogen in the muscle cells. Cool.

    But, in relative laymen terms, how does this exactly help boost the body's anabolic response? And how does this help the rebuilding tissue process? If that makes sense...?

    Thanks guys.

  2. You will get way to many opinions, they say Insulin has no effect of protein synthesis, so in theory, carbs arent needed. BUT, for hitting daily macros, you may want to throw them in.

  3. Bottom line your muscles use glycogen stores for functioning so why wouldn't you want them replenished?

  4. Ok. And as the day does on, and your activity levels lower, do you reduce your carb-loading? Carbs are the body's main and preferred source of energy for anaerobic training - so my guess would be if you're spending the evening relaxing, you want to ensure carbs are kept to a low?

  5. Depends in your goals and body type

  6. i do
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  7. After working out your body enters a catabolic state and starts to break down muscles to replace the glycogen you just used eating afterwards stop the release of cortisol and this catabolic affect


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