Please critique my bulking regimen

  1. Please critique my bulking regimen

    Hello everyone. I'm new to anabolicminds, but a long time forum lurker. I ask that you review my bulking regimen and offer your advice on specifics. I am 22 years old, 6 foot, 180 lbs, and approximately 12% bf. I have been working out consistently for the past four years. And four years ago, I was only 135 lbs, so I've made decent but slow progress. However, now I am working on a dedicated bulk regimen at my school's gym. I graduated college with a degree in Biochemistry and am now in pharmacy school, so feel free to get technical. Anyway, here's my plan.

    I shoot for a weight that allows 7-10 reps, but always go until failure.

    Regular Dumbbell Curls (5 Sets)
    Hammer Dumbbell Curls (5 Sets)
    Preacher Curls on Machine (5 Sets)

    Tricep Pulldowns on Cable Machine (5 Sets)
    Weighted Dips (5 Sets)
    Tate Dumbbell Press (5 Sets)

    Resistance Crunches on Ab Machine (3 Sets of 8 )
    Reverse Crunch with Butt Raise (3 Sets of 20)
    In-and-Outs with Butt Raise (3 Sets of 20)
    Alternating Elbow to Knee Bicycles (3 Sets of 20)
    Always maintain contraction by keeping shoulders off ground throughout set.

    Arnold Dumbbell Press (5 Sets)
    Standard Shoulder Press on Machine (5 Sets)
    Lateral Shoulder Raise on Machine (5 Sets)
    Seated Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Raise (5 Sets)

    Squats on Squat Machine (5 Sets)
    Leg Press on Machine (5 Sets)
    Quads on Machine (5 Sets)
    Hamstrings on Machine (5 Sets)
    Calve Toe Raises on Squat Machine (1 set of each toe pointed in, straight and out)

    Abs (Same routine as above)

    Bench Press (5 Sets)
    Butterflies on Machine (5 Sets)
    Decline Bench Dumbbell Press (5 Sets)
    Weighted Chest Dip (5 Sets)

    Weighted Standard Pullups (5 Sets)
    Behind Head Lat Pulldowns on Machine (5 Sets)
    Seated Row on Machine (5 Sets)
    Upright Dumbbell Rows (5 Sets)
    Dumbbell Shrugs (5 Sets)

    Abs (Same routine as above)

    4000 Calories/day
    355 g Protein (Mostly Chicken Breast, Ground Venison, and Whey)
    420 g Carbs (Consisting of mostly 100% Whole Grain Bread, Noodles, Rice, etc. And chocolate milk protein shake immediately after workout)
    105 g Fat (Mostly Mono and Polyunsaturated)

    Percentage Breakdown of Macro Calories is ~ 40/38/22 C/P/F
    This data is from the daily diet plan I've already been utilizing. I track my calories on my phone daily.

    Additional Supplements per day
    5 g Creatine
    2000 mg Fish Oil
    3 Liters of Water
    8-9 Hours of Sleep

    What do you think? Any changes you would make to specific exercises such as order, technique, or new move altogether? Open to all suggestions. Thanks.
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  2. Also a "Looks good" or a "That'll work" would suffice.

  3. Looks solid brother!
    only thing id say is to put legs on monday because everyone should prioritize legs. and Dont be doin smith squats. or machine squats. grab a barbell and a power rack, and SQUAT brotha.
    As for shoulders i HATE arnold presses they seem hard on my rotators.. I'd personally stick to straight up seated dumbell presses.
    Chest- Id do flys last..
    And for back, I'd throw some DEADLIFTS in there if you're trying to grow.. If not every single week than AT LEAST every other week..
    Are you trying to get big thick and powerful? Squats+ deads= BOOM!!!!!

    And maybe move one of your off days to the middle of the week, if your schedule allows... But ya everything looks great, just make sure you prioritize your squats, and deads, and eat big, sleep big, you'll get big. Just takes time, nothing happens overnight!!

  4. Thanks! I'll look into incorporating your suggestions next week. Definitely putting the deads and squats in for sure. Other than that, all I need is dedication and patience. (and lots of food)

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