The math

  1. The math

    An some one tell me the math behind figuring out your carb-protein. Cal intake? I weigh 254 and on a bulk cycle and doing well but it's time to get the science down.

  2. 1g fat = 9 calories
    1g carbs = 4 calories
    1g protein= 4 calories
    1g alcohol= 7 calories

    Cal intake... just do a google search on calculating daily calorie needs, there are a bunch of formulas, my suggestion is to pick 4-5 of the better looking formulas, calculate your maintenance using all of them, and then take an average of those results.
    Protein-carb intake is totally dependant on your goals, program, and persona preference. Some people are low carb, others high carb... some mod carb and mod protein..heaps of variations. 1g protein per lb of bodyweight seems popular

  3. Thanks man! Ya I figured there is some web site for all that stuff. Then I thighs

  4. That last message got sent to soon. Oops! Anyways I was saying I was looking for someone on the site that I could ask some questions.

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