Eating a shlode but I need direction

  1. Eating a shlode but I need direction

    I eat a grip but have some questions like whats eating clean this is probably a stupid question since its probably the obvious answer that I think it is but I'm new at this, what do you eat to put on the most muscle and how often, should I eat alot before sleep and if so what, I want to gain twenty pound of muscle in for months is this possible, give me suggestions

  2. Any chance you could be a bit more specific? How much do you weigh. And 20 lbs of pure natural muscle in 4 months is unlikely. It's hard to be helpful when the only information you give is "you eat a gripe"

    Body weight/ fat %. Goals. Training regimen. And if you track your diet what are your current calories/ macros.

    If you just want to gain weight eat everything (especially high I'm protein) you can get a hold of but it won't be all muscle. If you don't gain your not eating enough. I'd love to help, just need more information to be able to help better...

  3. I'm six feet tall and weigh 165 I don't know my% but I don't think it is very high I eat about four to five meals a day usually chicken our ground turkey with rice I work out six days a week my goal is to compete next year in the natural middle weight or physique I've never done a competition so it'd be the amateur class it would be the end of next year

  4. Read the bulking section, read the training section, read the natural bodybuilding section. If you still have questions, come back.

    I'd love to help you out - but I'm not gonna write you instructions if you aren't going to do a little research first - there is a "shload" of information here ready and waiting for you

  5. It seems like your saying you eat chicken and turkey plus rice. 4-5 times a day? With out knowing calories and macros your really just shooting blindfolded. But at your height it will take more than chicken and rice to put the weight on.

    Make creating a diet fun. Learn to cook new meals and learn their nutritional value. Things like slow cookers (my best friend) and tuba-wear make it possible for people with busy lives.



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