Skinny guy looking to gain weight and muscle!! Please Help

  1. Exclamation Skinny guy looking to gain weight and muscle!! Please Help

    Hello all, I just signed up for this site and this is my first post, so bear with me. I am a 26yr old male 5"11" and 150lbs i was a runner for years but not anymore. I want to start working out and gaining muscle/weight. I have tried before a few years ago and found it really hard to put on weight while working out. i did however look a little different but not bigger. Any help anyone can give me on the best way to go about starting a training/diet routine would be greatly appreciated. More is better as i am serious about doing this but have no idea where to start. Diet? Supplements? exercises to do? etc. Thanks again and hope to get some great advice!

  2. Erm, lets see (going to try and not write as essay) (all my own opinion- other guys feel free to criticise, we all here to learn)

    Exercise - Diet - Supplements - Sleep - Other


    Stronglifts 5x5 is really good for beginners in my opinion. Start by getting your form right on the major lifts, then add weight steadily as described in the program. Stick to the program - you can play around once you get more experienced.
    Form is really important - lifting a shed load of weight with crappy form is not gonna make you grow big and is likely to injure you.
    It is 3 days a week which gives you plenty of time to recover if you are not used to lifting weights. 4/5&6 day splits best left to more experienced people.


    Food - lots of it.
    Complex carbs - whole wheat pasta, brown rice, leafy veg, sweet potatoes, pulses.
    Protein - chicken, tuna, whey protein if you like, eggs, steak etc
    Fat - good fats include olive oil, nuts, natural peanut butter, oily fish, eggs.

    Eat about 500cals above maintenance per day, including 1.2-1.5g protein per lb of bodyweight. if you don't get bigger, increase this until you do 99% of "hard-gainers" are not eating enough food.

    I get about 40% cals from Protein, 40% from Carb and 20% from fat - but other have their preferred macros - play around until you find what is right for you.


    If you a total beginner to weight lifting - I would say avoid any supplements for now - you probably don't need them. But if you want a little help stick to the basics.
    Creatine monohydrate (chea,p and in my opinion all the other creatines are no better!)
    Whey protein


    This site is awesome, read, read, read - but avoid hormonal supplements and anabolics until you have been lifting consistently for a good 4 or 5 years and are very well read on the subject - your frame will take a whole load more than 150lb without needing hormonal assistance.

    Don't be put off by crappy days - everybody has them, one day you will be benching xx weight, the next you will be 25lb down for no good reason (crappy day - pick yourself up and move on - don't beat yourself up over it)

    Don't be afraid to get a little fat - if you are a runner you are probably used to being very lean, in bulking up you are bound to put some fat on over your muscle - you can always burn that off later and reveal the muscle underneath.

    Get loads of sleep, drink loads of water.


    Good luck man

    Ooops I wrote an essay

  3. first you need to determine your BMR, figure out how many cals required for maintenance & eat a daily caloric surplus. Try to get a decent macor breakdown in your diet and a multi vitamin daily.

    Try a proven novice program that fits your goals. (Recommend: Starting Strength, StrongLifts, or All Pro's Simple Beginner Routine)

  4. Hey thanks for all the info! def. a big help to me. I plan on starting this in the next week or so. I did check out the stronglifts website and it seems pretty legit. I will try it and see what happens. Did you yourself actually use the stronglifts workout plan? if so what kind of results did you see.

  5. I didn't use it as a beginner (because I was young, naive, and thought I knew better)

    However I did use it for a while more recently and I found it very good at consistently building strength.

    More importantly it focuses on a small number of core lifts, Bench Press, Squat & Deadlift, so you can focus on your form better (rather than trying to learn good form on lots and lots of lifts).

    It is simple to follow and will give you a good foundation, knowledge of how your body responds and recovers - before you progress to more complex programs.

  6. Best advice I can give was mentioned earlier, and that is tons of food. I used to be 6'2 and 155lbs so were from the same place!
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    LOTS OF FOOD, BRO!!!! And lift as heavy as you can.


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