Tren, test, stan, igf stack

  1. Tren, test, stan, igf stack

    Hey hows it going?
    just wanted to hear some thoughts/opinions.
    planning to run test e 600mg week. Tren Ace 75mg eod. Stan 50mg ed. Igf 40mcg 4 times a week.
    220 lbs, 9%bf, 6'4.
    looking to run it for around 7 weeks. want to get down to 6-7% and possibly put on some lean muscle. currently eating a low calorie diet with very limited carbs. only in morning and before and post workout. relatively high protein from chicken and fish. Fish oil, almonds and the usual supplements.

    cheers, appreciate any and all opinions

  2. I wouldn't cut carbohydrates with IGF. At the very least, when you eat a meal that contains carboydrates thats when you should use it.
    I wouldn't worry about fat gain. I'd also do the IGF 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Consecutive days of IGF usage helps more with fat loss (anecdotally). Running the Tren ED helps eliminate sides if you have issues with that. And you could make it a 10 week cycle and just start the tren/stan later on.

    I personally think anything less than ten weeks you aren't taking full advantage.

  3. 10wks IMO too. IGF 40 days on max and not 4x a wk @40mcg. wayyy too much

  4. Quote Originally Posted by gymrat827 View Post
    10wks IMO too. IGF 40 days on max and not 4x a wk @40mcg. wayyy too much
    No doubt? That dosent seem like to much if he is shooting IM PWO Bilaterally does it?

  5. It isn't.



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