Good macros for IF bulking?

  1. Good macros for IF bulking?

    Hey guys, I'm 203 pounds at about 15% bf

    I want to use IF to bulk up while staying as lean as I can so my cal in take is as follows:
    WORKOUT DAY: maintenance + 20% = 3410
    50c/40p/10f - 420g carbs/350g protein/35g fat Total cals 3390

    REST DAY: maintenance - 20% = 2274
    20c/40p/40f - 113.7 carbs/227.4p/101f Total cals 2270

    Also how much cardio should I do on rest days?Currently I do an hour low intensity cardio however I thinking of doing 30-45min cardio low intensity 4 times a week.Thoughts?

  2. I know this is late, but keep in mind that if you're eating below maintenance on rest days you'll be losing body mass on those days. Obviously your goal is to lose fat on those days and to gain muscle on the workout days (where intake is 20% above maintenance), but that will give you body recomposition at best (swapping fat for muscle). If you want to increase your overall body mass, so you weigh more and actually get bigger, you'll need to over maintenance consistently, for a net increase in calorie intake.

    Also, considering the fact that research has shown protein synthesis rates to peak around 24 hours after an exercise bout, there's reason to want to eat above maintenance on the day after your workout, since you're still growing (and possibly growing the most compared to right after the workout).

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