thro me a few tips

  1. thro me a few tips

    hello iv just ordered a batch of test an deca but im finding it hard to get good advice an tips on on my cycle. can some one thro a few tips my way please. im 183 pounds an my target is to get to 210 pounds and get cut. thanks

  2. First off post in the Anabolic section. And do some research. Were not gonna spoon feed you everything you need to know. Best of luck to you

  3. test and deca hey, i did propinate and deca way back, prop hurt a little bit especialy when u shoot it in the tricep or definetly bicep, my advice is this, i used to be 145 pounds 6 feet tall i was small and skinny, i used steroids for 2 years and got up to 260 pounds, but i do have graite genetics, i can simpy do 4 sets of biceps and walk out the gym and blow up the next day, i dont know what ur genetics are but i will advize u on this, steroids ruined my life for a while and i was on them for only 2 years, yeah sure u look good ur big and u think ur bad, but man o man the mental changes and physical after stoping this sh it was a lot to deal with, i dont sugest taking steroids to anyone after my expiriance with them, im 230 now natrual for about 6 years i hardly work out and i look good, and no im not on anything at the moment nothing at all, just a lot of eggs and good food, and now that i look at it steroids maybe helped me gain all that muscle size 20% only,,,, ur diete is 80% of ur gains, all u have to do is eat a s hit load of carbs and a lot of protine, ur carb to protine ratio should be carbs 100% protine 60% and watch ur body f uck ing blow up my friend, then after u gain about 100 pounds of size after two years u cut down 50 pounds, this should take about 6 months of dieteing, when dietig to lose size and get cut ur carb to protine ratio is like this, 60% carbs and 50% protine, also ur carbs should be nothing other then potato baked, rice boiled and some vegies, only drink water when u are dieting froget juice and milk u wont get as riped, and now after 6 months ur 50 pounds heavier then u were before, nd looking ripped as f uck. if ur 150 pounds ok now after 2 years u bulk up to 250, now for six months u drop 50, ur 200 pounds now and ripped as hell, maybe at 210 u still look good

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