CB-1 weight gainer? Anybody heard anything bout it?

  1. CB-1 weight gainer? Anybody heard anything bout it?

    Hey I was looking on line for weight gainers and came across an pill called cb-1. I was just wondering if anyone has heard bout these pills and have any input on them if that aren't a scam.

  2. I haven't tried it, but I've heard good things about it. A buddy at my gym used it and gained a ton... like 25 pounds in 1 month. I was surprised at how good he looked for how much weight he had put on. Basically, it works by activating the CB1 receptor (hence the name), which stimulates appetite so it's easy to eat more. I'm going to try it with my next bulk.

    It's interesting, on the CB-1 weight gainer website it says that it "slows down the metabolism." Of course, there are thermogenics that increase metabolism, but the opposite? I'll have to look in to that.

  3. will read up on these later
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  4. Not for me..But interested


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