Bulking Split

  1. Bulking Split

    Heyeveryone, I've been using this routine for the last 2 months now and I have seedecent gains in strength and size. What Im wondering is Are there any thoughtsto improve the split for better gains?
    189 LBS
    Lifting solid for 5 years

    Monday Back and Bi
    Pull up 3x8
    Chin up 3x8
    Lying T bar Row 3x6
    DB row 3x8
    Full range lat pull down 3x12
    Wide grip pull down 3x8
    Preacher curl 3x8
    Concentration curl 3x8

    Wednesday Chest and Tri
    BB Bench Press 3x6
    Decline DB Bench Press 3x8
    Incline BB Press 3x8
    Cable Cross 3x10
    Dip 3x10
    Push downs 3x8
    Reverse grip push downs 3x8
    Extensions 3x8

    Friday Legs shoulders upper back
    Dead lift 3x5
    Squat 3x5
    Legextensions 3x8
    Seated calfraise 3x15
    Standing calfraise 3x10
    DB shoulderpress 3x6
    BB Shoulderpress 3x6
    DB shrugs3x10
    DB frontraise / super set side raise 3x10
    Smith shrugs3x6

    At the moment i'm running SD at 30 a day for 3 wks over lapped into Epi at 30 for 4 weeks for a 6 week cycle.
    Calories are around 2500 - 250g protein - 250g carbs - 60g fat.

    I've put some girth around my waiste but my back has all but exploded in size, my pecs not so much. Any help would be great... I've been a thread stalker for a while now and a rare poster ... so be gentle.

  2. DC training
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. eat more food

  4. Actually I just started looking into DC training and I plan to switch to it after my cycle ... How much more would you consider I eat ... I'm already turning into a great big fat ass.

  5. doesnt matter. just eat high protein, high carbs. DC is very legit. make sure ur on your BCAAs, Protein, (other staples). if you need suggestions on those holla at me
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rowan212 View Post
    Actually I just started looking into DC training and I plan to switch to it after my cycle ... How much more would you consider I eat ... I'm already turning into a great big fat ass.
    I wouldn't consider eating more than you currently are unless you want to continue to get fatter. I'm sure you don't want to bust your ass just to put on a lot of body fat. You can still put on size with fewer calories. If you're bound and determined to keep on your current caloric intake, you'll need to exercise more.

  7. No i'm not set into what I eat at all - I normally eat about 1900 calories a day but I have not been gaining any size at all so I upped it to 2500 for 4 months and I have gotten alot bigger and alot stronger - but also i'm gaining fat like crazy as well, abs are completely gone and I have a ton of back fat now. So I'm not to worried about it I just want to make sure that I'm gaining proper strength with all this fat so when i cut I'm not back to where I was before I upped my caloires.

  8. take a look at your macro breakdown
    2500 cals doesn't seem like a lot. have you calculated your BMR correctly?
    just be sure that you're consistently adding weight to the bar

  9. 2500 and you weigh 189lbs i calculated that my body needs 4000 odd calories if i want to gain i know that everyone is different but i stuck to the general rules done the math and that what i got so if it works for the majority it should work for me im also about 5,8. I know i can push the boat out to 178lbs before i see significant definition loss in my abs.


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