How can I harden my muscles?

  1. How can I harden my muscles?

    My chest and biceps were fairly hard before I started my cycle. I am an 8 year vet when it comes to working out. I have always been able to get stronger but not put on any decent size, so I did my first cycle of Tren and put 20 lbs on in 6 weeks. I loved the gains, but I lost a lot of my vascularity, and hardness. I started a clean diet and dropped about 5 pounds and now Im on my 2nd cycle to cut and bulk a bit more, and piggy backed it with AndroLean. I am still eating clean, less calories to keep the cuts, but damn I can't get the hardness back. Any clues??? Help, please???

  2. diet of course is #1, along w that is posing. Posing is what gives Many if not all Pro BBs that "chiseled" granite look. I myself have not done this to much OUTSIDE of the gym. Hold a front double bicep pose for 10 sec and going thru diff other poses is great. For most pros they only do this pre contest, but it does work.

    Hope this helps

  3. Muscle hardness in my opinion is from 1 having low body fat % and 2 muscle maturity. Also genitics could play a part in the separation of the muscles.

  4. This ^
    and yeah posing helps as well. Ill be posing just about every day next year during contest prep
    My goal as a natural bodybuilder is to improve constantly, and win my pro card, while making an increasing amount of people doubt that I'm natural ;)

  5. I practice squeezing individual muscles all the time. I think it works. My calves are like rock.

    Either that or some viagra.

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  7. Try some 11-Spray, it'll give you a harder look

  8. So if posing helps keep the muscles hard, does just flexing different muscles for 10-15seconds work just as well? I ask this because I'm no pro BB and I only know a couple different poses. I would think flexing continuously for a certain amount of time would give similar if not the same results. I tried this out just a few minutes ago. Did the poses that I know, holding for 12 seconds each and then flexed each individual muscle for 15 seconds each. I did 3 sets. Didn't take very long, but I'm out of breath and started to get warm! I'm sure I don't use proper breathing techniques during this and I will research different poses and breathing techniques after class today.

    Good info guys! Thanks!

  9. You just gotta go hard in the gym and squeeze out every last rep possible. I had the same problem until I really dedicated myself to working out hard and eating healthier foods. What goes in will always reflect on the outside

  10. I practise squeezing muscles while sat watching TV.

    As well as helping to harden the muscle, it also helps hugely with being able to isolate each muscle individually. Wth practice, you can tense individual areas of each group. Can you imagine how much that will help training.

    I know some peeps, that cannot get a pump in the chest and have been training years. Crikey, that is not right.


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