Insanity workout while bulking?! You ideas...

  1. Insanity workout while bulking?! You ideas...

    Good evening everyone!

    I'm currently overseas working as a private security contractor. I usually have ready access to a gym and chow hall food (depending on where i'm at)... But a buddy of mine got a copy of insanity and wants me to give it a try!

    I have made some nice gains here.. hit a few personal records (over 300+lb bench) and am happy with my GAINS so far! I eat 3 meals and 3 shakes a day (one shake is casein before bed)... I am leaning out a BIT... which is more than fine with me... bc gains in strength and size are still adding up! MY QUESTION IS>>>>

    Will doing the Insanity workout 3-4 days a week (in the morning upon wakeup) diminish the gain i've already made?! My goal is to keep the mass gains i've attained... yet lose this DAMN stubborn lower back love-handle fat!!!!!!! I nearly have a "6 pack".... yet i carry what little b/f i have RIGHT THERE! I understand that its MOSTLY diet.... but i eat pretty clean! As of now... i only do about 2-3 days of incline walking (treadmill) a week on off days to keep off additional body fat.

    Your input is GREATLY appreciated!!

    P.S. My stats...

    26 yrs old
    10-12% B/F
    Training heavily for 2-4 years (a few months off here and there). Been lifting for atleast 8 years.

    ALSO>>... if you are highly against the Insanity workout... what would u recommend to shed that stubborn fat on my lowerback/love handles?! Your input is appreciated...

  2. What I like to do is do trisets in a simple push pull legs split. For example I will do a set of 8-10 reps on bench press then immediately do crunches, then do jump squats, then rest for 1 minute. I have found that it does a good job of allowing you to add some mass while getting rid of some fat. Sorry I cant answer your question of insanity/crossfit exercise though, I would imagine if all you do is bodyweight type stuff after awhile you will lose a bit of mass, but hopefully someone else knows

  3. Well, you hit the nail on the head there, it's all about diet.

    If you adjust your caloric intake to balance out the amount of calories in order to still be roughly over maintenance level then you won't have a problem losing the gains you've made.

    On the other hand, if your intake ends up, after counting in the insanity workout, below maintenance, then you'll lose the fat faster, but you'll end up losing some (probably very little, but still, some) of your muscle / gains / strength you've gotten so far.
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  4. i would advise not to do 1 hr of high intensity cardio three times a week (which is my understanding of what it is).. why dont you do 30 min of low intensity 3 times a week and monitor your diet a little more if you want to lose some inches..

    be prepared.. if you feel you "only need to lose about 5lbs".. then you prolly need to lose about 15

  5. Yh about 20 mins low inttence

    Don't be scared to put on some fat!!

  6. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input! I will monitor my diet a bit more, and opt to do 20-30 min of cardio a few (3-4 times) times a week! I'll give it a good few weeks to see my results and contine to monitor it....

  7. Do what works for you, the key is to overload the muscles and make them adapt to different forms of stress and weight. Im a big believer in doing a lot of work similiar to whats done in the insanity workout pushing your body in different ways now if your goal is to get huge and compete obviously this isn't a the ideal setup but to gain mass and to gain strength it can work IF your diet is setup properly.

  8. First of all: diet.

    Moving on: I had a friend who was having difficulty with working hours and getting a solid training schedule in. We always poked fun at P90X but then came up with the idea of modifying it to your goals since it is designed to be for those with time/facility constraints. So I would say take the whole insanity concet and give it a whirl to see whats its all about then modify it based on your goals and past experiences.
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  9. Thanks for the input everyone! I appreciate your time! I did the insanity and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest! LOL I'm not really for all that cardio... As stated before, i am still trying to add solid mass... but merely want to shed this damn lower back/love handle fat!

    I used to do the HIIT cardio routine (16 min of INTENSE cardio... alternating between maxed out... then letting heartrate drop.. then maxing out again). I've done it in the past, but don't exactly enjoy 16 min of hell! I guess its what must be done shed this... I'll montior my sugar/carb intake a bit closer and stick to that. I'll update ya'll in a month or so! Thanks again...

  10. First of all: diet.
    +++++++ Abs are made with diet. I know i sound like a broken record with the whole no milk or dairy thing( lots of other posts). But cutting out all dairy helped me melt away those love handles. Never did those side crunches and hyperextension ****.lol

  11. 2% milk and 1% is good for you

  12. 2% milk and 1% is good for you

    The conclusion of one 2005 study among 13,000 children conducted on the Harvard School of Public Health was that:
    “Contrary to our hypothesis skim and 1% milk were associated with weight gain, but dairy fat was not.”

    Milk Keeps you soft..period

  13. Whoa whoa whoa.... I'm quite fascninated by this! In a bulking phase (and lean bulk included), skim milk is often the key to getting in those extra calories, while keeping off the fat.

    According to what ya'll have said, milk is the enemy, per say, of slim love-handles? Diet is obviously the key to losing them... but i would have ventured to say that carb intake and sugars are more responsible than skim milk.

    At the end of the day... calories in and calories burn dictate weight loss/gain. Its the source of those calories that determines the type of weight gain/loss. According to the article, its saying that the fat in milk helps to release the "full" hormone, thereby keeping you from excessively eating. Also, by keeping the fat, the protein and vitamins can be more readily absorbed... My argument to that would be that most people drink milk with a meal... or atleast with something that contains fat. So the erroneous calories from the full fat milk would be harmful to a weight loss goal... whereas the skim milk can be just as nutrient rich, without the added calories from the fat content.

    Thats just my take on the article... Anyone care to perhaps explain it better so that i can understand where ya'll are coming from.... perhaps elaborate as to HOW or WHY you say milk is so bad to attaining reduced love handles...? Thanks in advance...

  14. Can anyone elaborate as to HOW or WHY you say milk is so bad to attaining reduced love handles...?
    The milk has TONS of sugar (lactose)

    also watch the movie pumping iron w Arnold here >

    I forget which video file it is exaclty but Arnold says Verbatum: "milk is for babies" "I dont drink any"

  15. most ppl who drink milk drink what.. 16 ounces?... that's 24 grams of sugar.. as stri8ted was saying..

    it's not the fat that makes milk bad.. hell if you are having it once a day there is barely any difference in 1% and whole milk.. it's that damn sugar

  16. Unsweetened almond milk is the way to go!
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  17. Unsweetened almond milk is the way to go!
    ++ Yamp. Fat doesn't make u fat, excess calories and sedentary activity does


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