Need Serious Advice.....

  1. Need Serious Advice.....

    So I come to you fellas here simply because the kids on are a joke..
    And because.. I need some serious advice.

    Been bodybuilding for about 2 years, EXTREMELY hardgainer. I weigh in at 165ish, but am extremely cut. Anyways, I have been having some trouble gaining weight, so I decided to start a new program. Focused specifically on arms, link:

    Thought it looked decent, and figured I'd give it a try. Well, I'm beginning to notice (and have noticed in the past, but tried to ignore it) that my biceps simply don't recover very well. Sometimes it takes weeks for my biceps to heal from a workout. IDK why this is.. genetics? I just suck in general... IDK. But I do know that I probably shouldn't continue this workout, simply because I don't wanna injure my arms. I also have a short bicep (doesn't go all the way to my elbow), which, additionally makes it seem small. But.. I've asked all this to ask this:

    Would it be beneficial to start a 4 day split where I work Back, Chest, Shoulders and Legs. And just don't work arms? Or work arms every other week? Of course, I could work Triceps w/ chest because they don't have this problem... I honestly don't know what to do... I want some growth, and I'm not getting it. I haven't gotten it in a year and a half.... and quite honestly, its frustrating.

    Also, I have a decent diet I've just started.
    3 packets oatmeal, 1 greek yogurt with oats/fruit, 2 V8 V-Fusion cans, and a Carnation instant breakfast packet.
    High protein snack (2 protein bars 2:1 carb to protein ratio)
    Tuna or Ham/cheese sandwhich for lunch.
    Tuna or Chicken w/ wheat pasta pre-workout
    Chicken/Steak w/ pasta postworkout
    Snack ---
    115gram carb/25gram protein shake before bed.

    8 tablets Universal Beef Aminos
    Universal Rage
    Universal Torrent
    Universal M-Stak
    and of course,
    my before bed shake.

    any advice?!


  2. overtraining

    could it be that what that workout has outlined may just be a little too much volume? If I looked at the right one it says in weeks 3-5 you work arms three days a week, and you're doing about 12 sets for biceps and triceps each day! That's a lot. I don't think you have to cut out arms entirely but you may want try it. Of course your arms can still get bigger as long as your doing your chest, shoulder, and back exercises the right way. I would experiment and take the month off from biceps and triceps specific training and the next month add 3 sets of one either dumbbell or barbell curls, and go from there. See how your body responds.

  3. A hard gainer is an under eater, simple.

    Look to your nutrition before your routine and supplementation to see why you are not putting on size and strength. If you are not putting on size, add 200-400 calories to your daily intake until you do. Then when you stop gaining at that calorific intake up it again. Do not over do it on the cardio, eat greens and good meats, drink lots of water, sleep and recover, bulking is simple business buddy

    Make sure you are hitting the big compound moves regularly and heavy and that they are the centre of your routine.

    My current bulk up routine is;

    - Back & Legs : Strength
    - Chest & Shoulders : Hypertrophy
    - Rest
    -Back & Legs : Hypertrophy
    Chest & Shoulders : Strength

    With the focus of course on Squats, Deads, Bench and Overhead Press.

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