Dianabol Cycle!

  1. Wink Dianabol Cycle!

    Hey..whats up!
    Was wondering how can I get some Dianabol in hawaii?
    hard to find that kind of gear over here.. I am from brazil and over there in my hometown i had my connections... but over here is kind hard to talk about this... ''no body knows nothing at my gym about where to get gear'' they always may be thinking that i am a cop or wherever....... and those guys are ****ing huge!!
    So...I'm just being very sincere...I love steroids.. and I take then and I don't give a F### for what people will think...
    If you are like me...Help me to find the treasure in this island!!
    If you don't wann help..just shuUUt f..mouth!

    Thanks Anyways..


  2. Bruddah, are you serious?! Go back to Brazil if you need your dbol so bad! lmafao

  3. Dude I'd love to help you, but its AGAINST the RULES to ask for sources. Better delete that post, and go read the rules.. I'd hate to see you banned on your 5th post.

  4. No asking for sources, PIG!

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