Bulking with a school schedule

  1. Bulking with a school schedule

    I'm a 16 year old guy whose been weight lifting about a year. I need some tips on good bulking meals while on a school schedule so the meals need to be pretty portable

  2. I assume you can carry some tupperware with you? An easy combo is 93/7 ground meat(seasoned as you like) and brown rice. It is easy food to pound down. Protein powder in a shaker bottle is another quick meal to get the daily protein count up and you can throw carbs in as well. A good breakfast before school is a must of course. Remember, it's a calorie total for the day and as long as you obtain that you are money.
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  3. Thanks a ton. Yeah my breakfast is 8 eggs 6 whites 2 whole a cup of whole grain oats and fruit. I'll definitely keep the tubberware in mind

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