Hey Guys,
I just finished up a ten week cycle of Anavar @ 40mg a day. I'm 28, have lifted consistently for over 13 years naturally, and this was the first time I have ever done a steroid cycle. I am extremely health conscious, eat properly, train properly, and do all my research. During my cycle, I was taking a full dose of milk thistle daily, eating a high protein, low fat, medium carb diet, and had terrific results. I put on 5 solid pounds of muscle, reduced my body fat by 10%, and had great strength gains. So my question is, as far as post cycle therapy goes, I have heard that both clomid and tamoxifen are good for PCT. Knowing that Anavar is a non-aromatizing methylated oral steroid, is Tamoxifen suitable by itself or should I use the clomid as well? I have not gotten a clear answer on this as of yet. Additionally, when I start my second cycle sometime this winter, is there anything else I can take for cycle support besides the milk thistle, such as UCD? Any information/advice would really help, I just want to fine tune what I'm doing and make sure I am doing everything 100% correctly and safely. Thanks.