1st cycle ever .havoc. need help

  1. 1st cycle ever .havoc. need help

    so im day 2 into my first cycle ever. im using havoc for 4 weeks. working hard 3 days a week

    1st week:day 1- 10mg, rest of week 20mg and 30 on workout days
    2nd+3rd week: 30mg everyday
    4th week: 30mg and 40-50 on workout days depending on how my body reacts.

    i eat a mostly raw diet with cooked starches, this means raw eggs and fish as well. im including more dandelion greens as well.
    currently taking milk thistle supp and maca
    gonna run animal stack with a pct. i want to use nolva but cant find it anywhere.

    this is my second day and ive been exploding with energy and horny as a mouse.
    can anyone help me modify my plan and give me tips? where to get nolva,

    ill b posting before and after.
    pardon the speedos..... (the photos r in my before havoc album)
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  2. will be watching this

  3. day 4. feelin fine. no boody on here has given me advice though

  4. What sort of advice are u looking for? You could prob search specifics and find it pretty easily buddy.
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  5. You should have had your pct before you started the cycle

    As for the cycle. I would go 6 weeks with the havoc. And as far nolva goes. Google the term "research chems" and you will find what you need. Stack a natty test booster like DAA along side it and you will be good.

    DAA can be had at ntbm right now for only 16.99 shipped with one of our discount codes.

  6. I ran havoc for 6 weeks, before the summer, to harden up a little bit. I ran it 30/40/40/40/40/40. I did not start feeling it until late 3rd week into the forth. I would have definitely short changed myself if I only ran it for 4 weeks.

  7. good luck son! I'll be following this

  8. thanks people. so doin the research chem thing is legit? and just any company will do?

  9. Will follow this.

  10. so i am now going to change the plan and run for 6 weeks unless i have sides. gonna run 40 consistent after the 1st week. got some tamox as well. i was not going to use any cycle assist. should i? and which assist should i use?

  11. I like CEL's cycle assist its a good all in one supp.

  12. You are definitely going to want to use cycle assist or something similar. If you are 6'0, 165lbs., what you eat is going be more important than the havoc. You might want to post you're age, goals, diet, and training program. You will get a lot more help and be able to have a more successful 1st cycle. I am assuming you want to bulk?

  13. I would suggest taking some Taurine for back pumps, they're coming soon . Also, you can google Serm, there are plenty of sources out there. Sometimes it takes 6mo to get them, so like someone said here, next time get all of your stuff ready before starting a cycle.
    Btw, first time I ran Havoc, I got away with just using TRS from Primordial for PCT. But had Nova on hand, just in case.
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  14. im 24. mostly raw diet with cooked starches. this includes raw meat (usually eggs +fish). 6ft 165. loooking to add some more lean size. workout 3 days a week. mostly full body recruitment exercises. deadlifts, squats,squat presses and such. i do 10-12 reps first 2 sets to failure then 4-6 reps to failure. no cardio cept for warmups. i am a dancer(stripper) noww so i burn alot of cal during cardio at work.
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  15. Wait....serious.

  16. what is in question when u say " WAIT SERIOUS" ?

  17. day 9. upped it to 40 a day and will continue till end of cycle. blood pressure was high but not bad. definite strength increase and slightly more vascular. the place i orders the tamox from delivered 2 days after i ordered. awesome!

  18. thought id put some more pics up so i can get more feedback at the end of the cyc
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  19. just came off a 4 week cycle of havoc since it was my first... interested to see a 6 week one... will def check in on this one

  20. so i ended the cycle early due tue an unrelated hospitil stay/

  21. Uh -- at this rate you'll be a stripper with manboobs. Is there a niche for that I hope?


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