Stimulants – There are a number of stimulants on the marketthat work well. The most effectivecontain 1, 3 Dime. 1, 3 Dime cansometimes cause jitters and anxiety in some and a hard crash several hours afterusage. Two of my favorites that seem towork well without a crash or a significant increase in anxiety are Swagger by MANand Dexaprine by I-Force. There areothers that do not contain 1, 3 Dime that work well also but they are notnearly as effective in my experience. However,one of my favorites is NCP by Get Diesel. I love this product but it is often not available.
Test Boosters – There are many, many test boosters on themarket. Many are not well supported by humanresearch. Most are just a reformulationof the same old products that have been around for years. I have tried most of them and according to myblood tests they do increase blood testosterone levels but not to a largeenough degree cause an increase in muscle mass. DAA is the best in my opinion and supported by human research. I have used it on numerous occasions and invarious forms and they all seem to work equally well. DAA however does increase estrogen as well astestosterone and for those who are sensitive to estrogen increases (such as me)a good AI (one supported by human research) is recommended. I personally like Formestane. I can’t say that DAA has ever caused me togain any additional muscle mass but it definitely provides strength increasesand an “alpha male” feeling, at least for me. It also has a slight hardening effect.
Creatine – I am a creatine non-responder and I have triednearly every form on the market. I am currentlyexperimenting with CRE 02 by MST and it seems to be working fairly well forme. I have seen people who reallyrespond well to creatine explode as if they were on steroids. It’s primarily water weight but it looks goodnone the less.
Having said all of this my current stack includesDAA+Dexaprine+CRE 02. I am also usingAnaBeta primarily because I purchased three bottles and I need to usethem. However, I used AB as a standalonefor four weeks and didn’t much, if any, difference on any level. With stack I mentioned above my strength ingym has significantly increased on every exercise. My vascularity has noticeably improved and mywaist line has decreased while on a maintenance diet. My only complaint is the Dexaprine suppressesmy appetite making it difficult to eat enough calories to maintain my weight. With the notable strength increases I amexperiencing, I expect to see some increase in lean muscle mass over time.