How much is TOO much?

  1. How much is TOO much?

    Sup bro's

    I was in conversation with my training partner today about Nutrition

    After hearing he takes 5 Protein Shakes per DAY I was a little shocked considering I only do 2,
    We both put in about the same G of Protein daily (190g^) however considering he takes 4 - 5 shakes per day, I figured his diet is based around liquid..

    Correct me if I am wrong but is it OK to get that much of your daily protein % from Powders?

    What do you guys think the Limit should be on % of Intake from Powder?

    Say I am on 200g a day - if 100g is from Solid Food and 100g is from Powder is that still too much or can I push more? say 150g from powders 100 from food?
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  2. It's retarded to get your protein only from liquids. If anything, you should try to get your protein powder consumption down to the least amount possible.
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  3. Protein shakes are supplements. They should supplement your diet not be the basis of the diet. Get him to look at any of the pro's or any competive Bodybuilder's diet. I bet there no more than 2 shakes tops.

  4. I agree with what your both saying

    But question stuck on my mind is what would you say should be the % at max?

    solid/powder % of daily intake
    50/50 ?

    60/40 ?

    80/20 ?
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  5. There is no answer for it. It's all going to be a person's individual opinion.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  6. I personally say that it should be 100% solid ... and to push it over to 110% drop in a protein shake or two ... or on those days that eating the 6th chicken meal is just not doable ... chuck down that protein drink.

    As said before its to supplement your diet, eat whole foods first to reach your protein goal, then drink down a shake to give you that boost.


  7. on off days i like to drink 1 shake at some point during the day maybe with breakfast or after lunch, then if i feel like i need another i drink one before bed. How many shakes I drink revolves around what food i eat, not the other way around.

  8. whatever works.

  9. Why take away the pleasure of eating if you don't have to? Forget optimal protein uptake, I just want to enjoy a steak or a chicken curry and know I'm feeding myself with wholesome and tasty food. Besides, I'm not sure what the digestion time of whey is but I bet it's a damned sight quicker than fibrous protein from meats, thus not nearly as appetite quenching.


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