M Drol bulking cycle

  1. M Drol bulking cycle

    Ive been on this forum for the past 4 months and have now finally decided to join. I started my bulking cycle today.
    Current stats known:
    Weight: 175
    Height: 6' 1"
    Age: 22
    Max bench: 180

    I have CEL M drol lot #54221 Exp. 0613
    I also have CEL cycle assist
    Amino Fuel 1000 by Twinlab
    Milk thistle
    Multi Vitaman
    Fish Oil
    And Formadrol Extreme by LG Sciences for my PCT (I will also keep using cycle assist, amino fuel, milk thistle, fish oil, and multi vitaman during PCT)

    Day 1: I felt good in the gym as usual. Did chest and Bis( body still a little sore from yesterday) so cut out early.
    I lift at night around 8 or 9pm.

    Hopefully I posted this in the correct spot. Any feedback on my cycle would be great. Thanks.

  2. This belongs in the anabolics section. This is the diet section.
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Turnitup122 View Post
    This belongs in the anabolics section. This is the diet section.
    i LOLed. post in right section. theres a PH section for a reason. at your height and weight, u are only going to screw up your body using Mdrol. you can gain plenty with just food and proper training, but sounds like you want the easy way out.

    btw, your PCT is terrible. straight up garbage. you might as well not use PCT if your gonna do it that way.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

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