Dbol vs SD- back pumps

  1. Dbol vs SD- back pumps

    I am planning my next cycle right now (last cycle was SD last november), and this year I will be coupling my oral with 10-12 weeks of test e. I am on the fence about choosing either SD or Dbol to kickstart. I have never used Dbol, but I have responded very well to SD in the past with very few sides even at 30mg/day.

    My issue is that my kick period for the test will fall during the end of rugby season. When I was on SD the back pumps I got were so intense that they were almost crippling if i didn't take 7g+ of taurine. I would have to postpone this cycle if it meant I would get those same back pumps again.

    My question: does dbol cause similar back pumps to SD?

  2. Personal experience, D-Bol back pumps are not crippling, I have never tried SD however when I used DBOL I was still able to play Rugby (league) matter of fact, I am on cycle throughout our whole season for the extra weight/strength.
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