23 year old looking to try prohormones

  1. 23 year old looking to try prohormones

    As the title states. Ive been looking into them for a while and dont know how to go about using them or what is the best procucts out there that REALLY work. Im just really a newbie looking for some true advice from real users. In 2005 I had back surgery that brought my weight down to 118 from around 145. Scrawny is not even the word to describe me at 5'11" and 118 pounds, I looked like the walking dead! LOL, but thank god a friend of mine introduced me to working out and soon after my surgery the doctor gave me his word that I can go back to doing my regular activities and have since gained about 60 pounds. Ive been stuck at 180 now for a little over a year and looking to experiment with prohormones. Currently what I found worked best for me was taking NO Shotgun before the gym, any whey protein (50g) after the gym, supplementing with creatine mono before and after gym, and glutamin and bcaa's after the gym mixed with the protein. and sometimes glutamine in the morning. I eat 5 times a day about 3500 calories, and my workout schedule is monday: chest, shoulders, tris, weds: legs, forearms, abs fri: back, bis, traps. that worked great for me up untill a year ago and now have hit a major platue and looking into experimenting with prohormones. So thanks for reading and hopefully some of you guys can help me out a bit into the know hows of what products to use when and how so I dont waste my money or even worse kill myself. Thanks again

  2. post in the correct section. if you are looking at PHs, look into PP andro series
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  3. Wrong section

  4. Yeah man it's the wrong section. I still think you're a little young. Might want to wait another year or two. But if you're dead set and don't want to wait....I would look at Helladrol or Epi-Strong.

    Epi-strong is currently out of stock....but it's making a limited run return. It will give you lean gains with little side effects. Something worth looking in to.

  5. Maybe just a change in routine will work?

  6. Sorry, didnt realize i was in the wrong section. I posted in the anabolics section and getting some responses. Ive tried changing my routine up alot with no success. Im still not 100% set on PH's yet so im still going to be going natural for a while. I just want to get some insite on the subject really.

  7. yup epi is a good starter. It shouldnt kill your libido like some others. read up on supports and the proper post cycle therapy before you use it or you ll lose it

  8. Epi would be a good first choice pro hormone. Definitely give lean gains, you'll harden up much more, and it is not too bad on your liver. I had great results on a 5wk run.

  9. also look at hdrol or pmag very similar. very mild ph great for beginners. Im starting my first cycle in december.

  10. honestly, this is what i would do man. bump up to 4k cals, do DC training. thats it. i promise you that you will grow if you do this. you could also take AnaBeta.

    I just got done with a log of AnaBeta. I want to do AnaBeta with Free Test next.
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  11. but if your sold on taking a PH, i would take AndroHard. I havent ever taken it, but plenty of logs on it. gain some quality pounds. now it isnt as much as andromass, but androhard seems to be one of the safest PH out right now.
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  12. Imo if ur not eating enough to gain at least a small amount of fat your not eating enough to gain muscle
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