Should i go ahead and bulk or continue cutting??, your opinion counts (pics)

  1. Should i go ahead and bulk or continue cutting??, your opinion counts (pics)

    right now i wiegh 162ish before i wieghed 172 i know its not all fat loss... I really enjoy bulking because i want to continue with gains. Thanks for your opinions guys


    By jordanbid at 2011-06-26

    By jordanbid at 2011-06-26


    By jordanbid at 2011-06-26

    By jordanbid at 2011-06-26

  2. cut- LIGHTLY

    up cals by about 300 but keep cardio high
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  3. I support that thought, schwellington. Yeah cardio sucks but your results will pay off. See what little modifications work for you, if your still interested in the "summer body" htne go balls to the wall come sept/oct
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  4. Continue cutting. Note: Diet is about ten times more important than loads of cardio. Get your diet right and you won't have to worry about much (if any) muscle loss during your cut.

  5. ok i will probably just continue cutting i suppose plus iv been playing about 2-3 hours of basketball 3 days a weeks that would be a little too much cardio for me while bulking i think...

  6. Lol you said you like to gain, thats why i said that.

  7. I would recommend you to start bulking, you do have some mass, but not much..

  8. i say bulk!! until abs are feint, than cut n repeat
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  9. ya i definantly need some more mass thats forsure i do want to start bulking its just hard when i like to hoop alot lol and its hard enough eating all my meals for the day let alone making up for the cals iv burned

  10. Eat less total meals, and more cals per meal. Add more fats.

  11. i suggest recomp. u can do it pretty much two ways. eat very clean but lots of it and keep BF the same, but gain muscle slowly

    or you can bulk for two weeks, cut for one week. my 2 cents
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  12. I'd say recomp as well. But recomp in the form of gaining muscle vs. losing fat.

  13. Workout with weights 4-5 times a week, and try cardio 6 days a week; has worked wonders for me. Take a cruise week every so often to recover.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  14. Lift hard and eat healthy, 110% effort in both and the recomp comes regardless. Reach your genetic potential then refinement happens unless you decide to kick it up a notch and add in some gear to speed things up.
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  15. im thinking i might just flat out bulk in the next 3 or 4 weeks see if i can stay within a 500 calorie surplus so i dont gain too much fat.. i always tend to over eat on a bulk :/ im pretty much sick of the sun already so i probably wont be out much with my shirt off anyways lol thanks for your opinions guys

  16. Bulk. Thats the only way.

    How tall are you at 162lbs?

  17. I think that it is awesome that David Blaine is posting on these forums!


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