Hard Gainer, On First Cycle, Trying to gain quickly and rebuild damaged tissue

  1. Hard Gainer, On First Cycle, Trying to gain quickly and rebuild damaged tissue

    In 2009 I made a commitment to myself to get back in shape and not let my injuries hold me back.... After a year 2009-2010 of working out I had lost much of my pot belly and brought my weight to a respectable 185 .

    January 15th I re-injured myself by performing an over aggressive workout that soon brought on sever never pain to my feet legs and lower back. I had had foot cramping and problems walking before but this was a new beast OMG it hurt.

    Then In February I got a nasty chest infection that lasted for almost a month, At the end of which I had lost over 35 lbs in just 3 months and many of my pain issues had returned both in my neck and my upper back. I was so skinny that when i sat on a hard surface my nerves would pinch from sitting on bone you add to that an already damage tailbone from my MMA days and no more meat on my ass caused a chain reaction of nerves to flair up.

    My weight was at an all time low of 145lbs

    One day i was skimming through netflix and saw a documentary on steroids... Bigger Stronger Faster It was well done and did not seem to favor the use of them but more so gave a very detailed history and a well rounded panel of doctors who gave both the negative and positive side effects... I did allot of research about the best mass gainers(Later I would realize that choose the wrong steroids for a first cycle) with the least side effects.. It took me another month to decide to try my first order, I was not sure if this website would be a rip off so i put in a small order. I ended up choosing deca-durabolin and Dianabol for their mass gaining benifits. Deca is also known for its ability to rebuild muscle skeletal re connective both small and large tissue fiber. I researched the type of diet needed to use it successfully and made provisions for high protein intake. The Dianabol I choose simply for the quick gains acquired withhin the first few weeks the extreme water retention sounded like a fast cure to gain some mass quickly.

    My friends roommate turned me on to a forum about anabolics, and now I have been doing more research and have come to find out that the cycle I have started with has many side effects. I have to say I am a bit worried, bitch tits, Deca **** , and shrinking balls are not small side effects. I felt i Had read forever about Steroids and had made a good choice stacking Dbol and Deca to start... "Evidently" this is not recommended for a first timer.

    Desperate to gain some weight and have an apatite again I started the cycle I i had chosen. Starting with 200ml Deca on Monday followed by 100ml on Thursday and 10mg Dianabol split in half taken at morning and night for the first week

    Reasoning behind my choices:
    Deca is prescribed to increase red-blood cells, rebuild tissue damaged over time and reduce inflammation, increse bone mass, hell this seems like a logical steroid to go with.\and I felt it is a good choice for me because of having had long-term inflammation issues that cause wide spread pain in upper and lower back as well as my hips, not to mention the myriad of neuropathy issues …

    The Dbol I chose because of the water retention, accelerated weight gains and increased appetite. I have to say even from what is considered a low dosage 10mg a day .. I am seeing the result that are discussed at 20mg a day and up. So I am gonna stick with 10mg for now till I see the effects wear off some.

    I did that for weeks then in the 3rd week I took my Deca down to 200 per week 100ml Sunday 100ml Wed Night night because after I pin Deca it makes me sleep as hell I have taken the Dianabol up to 15mg over 3 times a day

    In 2 weeks when my mail arrives I will be cycling off the Deca and Dianabol and just use 300ml of Testosterone Enanthate for 6 more weeks while using Nolvadex during and Clomid for PCT. AFTER RESEARCH this is what seems to be the best way to do a first cycle? I should not stack and just run test seems to be the general consensus. I will have 3500ml on hand so if i need to adjust intake please let me know.

    My goal is to break through my old injuries and rebuild my muscle skeletal system. I would like to reach a solid 185-190 of lean muscle, and get my diet and habits set to be able to retain it.

    I hope this was'nt information overkill I am just new to this and looking to make some new friends who may have advice for a recovering athlete.

    I was thinking about posting My diet and next to get some feedback on it.

    Also I have been taking pics everyday.
    Whats the deal with posting pictures ? Always cut the face out ect ? does it matter... is there a proper area of forum to post? Does anyone care lol...
    I am now 3 weeks into my cycke and I am see amazing result the gain in the first week were insane then they have slowed now over this past week... Please let me know whats useful to post ect...

    I am currently 164lbs

    Many of my joint issues have disappeared and other then my sciatic nerve actins up overall I am feeling better, for the first time in forever I am hungry all the time, seriously hungry, it awesome, and the Deca thus far has had no effect on my libido or quality of nine iron, if anything i would say there have been enhancements.

    All criticism is more than welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.
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    What is your lifting history? How old are you?

    Honestly, eating is going to be the only way to gain mass. Steroids, with proper nutrition and training, are going to make that lean mass, but at the end of the day is calories in versus calories out.

    If you can ask some more specific questions - list them out for me - I'll be happy to help answer them. That post got me a little lost by the time it was said and done.
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  3. I am an amateur lifter but have a strong cardio and endurance background, from when I trained in MMA

    36 yrs
    starting weight 148
    3 weeks into cycle I weigh 163

    I am trying to take in over 250 grams of protien a day, Is this right?

    I am taking 48 grams of Nitro Peak Protien twice a day before and after working out and twice even on days off /

    I am trying to drink at lest a quart of milk whole fat vitamin D milk
    1/8 Jar of Jiff peanut butter
    4 - 6 boiled eggs
    chicken Breat cooked in olive oil
    Ramen Noodles for raw carbs
    Subway Foot long Italian BMT
    Spinach and Lettuce salad
    32-64 oz water

    I do not eat all of these everyday but more or less a variety of each. The supplemental protein intake is the only thing i am religiously taking 100mg protein + aminos.

    The awesome part is the Dianabol makes me so freaking Hungry that I actually eat now...

    The research I have done so far show that Deca requires a ****load of protein and calories to be effective

    Am i a missing anything in my diet?

    Are there workout routines focused on mass gains that wold me more effective to use at the gym. ( I have a hell of a sciatic flare, but usually does not hurt while working out, I avoid certain leg and back exercises that exert extra stress on the lower back... Its kinda hit and miss for me right now...Try and and see what happens, I go slow and try to listen to my body but also push through the pain to create healing for old injuries ...

    I do extensive Yoga stretching almost everyday along with therapy exercises for lower back and hips.... trying to reinforce and unlock inflamed areas.

    What else would would be useful to know.

  4. A Few More questions?

    Since I am switching from Deca to Test in 2 week , will I need different dietary requirements

    How much Test should I run since I am cycling off the Deca and the Dianabol?
    I will be discontinuing the use of Dianabol in 2 days
    and continue using Deca at 200mls for 2 more weeks

    How many Mls of test would be best for this transition in my cycle?

  5. from what i read an thru other ppl i know ditch the deca for sure just some test an good pct an eat like ahorse if you wanna look like one good luck man



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