Hey guys

I am new to the site an gear. I am 32 5.8 175 lbs 15.2 bf. I have been training on an off for about 4 years. I just started cyp 300 mg a week. I was wondering if I could do cyp on Monday and the sust on Thursday?? I wasn't sure if you could mix the stuff. My diet is on point. I eat 7 times a day. All clean. No cheat days. 4 days of cardio 30 min each time. I train like an animal. I would like to put on about 15 to 20 lbs of lean muscle. Also I don't know if anyone has heard of this sust but it's call Androplex. It has the same 4 esters that sust has. I did some research but didnt see much. Also I have GP labs Sust 270. I appreciate the help guys. Thanks