2 large meals aday 1200cal each?

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  1. The macros look split good. For me 2400 would not be much, but dor you it might be. If you're not getting bigger after 2 weeks add 250 cals and see how that works.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Pika View Post
    Right iv got it ...

    Meal 1. 4 hole eggs 200g of beans 100g of weetabix.

    Meal 2. 2 chicken breast 1 cup of mash 1 cup of brocly.

    Gym . Shake .

    Meal 3. 200g of chicken with 1 cup of mash and glass of hole milk.

    Meal 4. 200g of chicken with 2 slice brown bred and light butter.

    So that seems nice and good hows this for a nice lean gain ? Thanks alot i need to get this **** roght i wamt yo gain more !
    Im trying to recomp myself right now. For me sticking with mainly 200-300g of protein and most days under 50g of carbs has been helping alot. Im also stacking Erase+Titanium+TCF-1. Begining first week of July my stack will be Erase+AT2 and may switch up the diet a bit to trick my body. If I stay on the same diet for to long my body get used to it and just stops progressing. So I will take a week off and eat like a pig to boost motabolism again.

  3. Hey Colbert, im watching you right now

  4. It's the incredible edible egg brehhhh. 6 whole eggs is okay imo.

  5. 1.5 of yolk aday? Bro i thought the hole sayin of yollks bad for you was a mith? People say its cery very good for you?

    You are right tho if i dont get bigger lean in 2 weeks il just umm put some penut in my mash? Ewwww lol but i guess it would be a must???

  6. just spoon down a few tbs of pb after each meal, that will get you the extra cals you need.

  7. Tbs? Of the pb? Huh lol ?

  8. table spoons of penut butter

  9. And what about the egg yolks? Shal. I change?

  10. Oh yh sry im irish bro we backwards lol ok yh makes sence ... So umm yh i have my diet plan of 4 meals i want lean gains now im realy happy the only biggi is the breaki now so yolks .. 4 hole egss to much? I dont want to die lol no but is it to much?

  11. Tablespoon. I just put half a tablespoon in my mouth and swallow it down with some milk. Easier than licking it all off the spoon. >.>

    4 eggs is definitely not too much.

  12. Realy? Ok man thanks alot you guys honest i know theres guys herre ask stupid **** n most probs dont even listen but iv have a 100 percent happy diet i need to get new shopinin another 2 weeks lol as i aint gt the right things iv brought like 14 cans of tuna fish lmao yh im irish alright!!

    But for sure iv got this ima lean it out abit and slowly but surly il but the size on and when i go on my p mag cycle its on!!!!!!!! Love you all no homo xxxx

  13. You'll get different opinions from everyone. I say no and other people will say yes.

  14. Yh thats very true bro_ loads of diffrent thingss .. Is gravy bad for ya?llol i love it with mash so just thinkim?


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