2 large meals aday 1200cal each?

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  1. Tablespoon. I just put half a tablespoon in my mouth and swallow it down with some milk. Easier than licking it all off the spoon. >.>

    4 eggs is definitely not too much.

  2. Realy? Ok man thanks alot you guys honest i know theres guys herre ask stupid **** n most probs dont even listen but iv have a 100 percent happy diet i need to get new shopinin another 2 weeks lol as i aint gt the right things iv brought like 14 cans of tuna fish lmao yh im irish alright!!

    But for sure iv got this ima lean it out abit and slowly but surly il but the size on and when i go on my p mag cycle its on!!!!!!!! Love you all no homo xxxx

  3. You'll get different opinions from everyone. I say no and other people will say yes.

  4. Yh thats very true bro_ loads of diffrent thingss .. Is gravy bad for ya?llol i love it with mash so just thinkim?


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