mega dosed fish oil for gains?

  1. mega dosed fish oil for gains?

    I've read that taking bulk fish oil upwards of 30-45gms a day and it can do wonders for bulking. Has anyone tried this?

  2. No I have never tried this, nor would I. I would be on the toilet every half hour if I did.

  3. I liked it, try you will feel great or at least I did
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  4. the anti-inflammatory effects might acually do the opposide and lessen gains i have read, with too much fishoil. i myself take 4-8g ed.
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    I can't fathom taking that much in...

    Regardless, my interest is piqued.
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  6. I took about 20 to 30 nutra caps a day for a few weeks then took 15 to maintain that for a month or two. I found my hair and skin looked great during that time but didn't notice much else.
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  7. I have heard that mega dosing fish oils to that level can make it act like a blood thinner that could be dangerous for some. Just something to keep in mind.


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