Gaining mass but little strength.. I'm 15.. (srs)

  1. Gaining mass but little strength.. I'm 15.. (srs)

    I've been lifting for about a year now and I take supplements. I weigh around 190. Around 15-20% bf. I have a perfect diet if u can believe. I don't get much sleep in the school year but I get 10-12 hours sleep in the summer. I started benching 55lbs max. I've always had a good build but not good strength on bench. I can deadlift 230 max. Squat 260lbs max. Shrug 350lbs max. Bench 150-160 max. I curl 110 max. I can do 80lbs tricep extension max. I feel that I'm not strong enough. Is there something wrong with me? For my size I feel I should do more considering the amount of muscle I have.

  2. if u want your bench up, and this is what i do, there are a few ways you can approach this. and i do ALL of them ALL the time

    1. Do LOTS and LOTS of upper chest. if you do 4 exercises for chest, make one of them flat bench, either BB or DB, and the rest Upper chest movements.

    2. eat more on chest day.

    3. change your sets/reps/routine for chest up constantly. hit all three muscle fibers in the span of either one workout or 3 weeks

    4. switch from DB to BB every other week.
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  3. Is there something wrong with me? I've done all those and can't go up.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 7hebigbeas7 View Post
    Is there something wrong with me? I've done all those and can't go up.
    its hard to tell without knowing your routine and lifting habbits.

  5. i'm curious what a ''perfect diet'' means to you
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  6. yeah, agree with the last poster. if you are doing all of those, then you obviously arent eating enough. 3 times a day of protein meals doesnt cut it. post your REAL diet and training on here. be honest cause if you arent honest, u are only hurting yourself. we wont make fun of you. everybody starts out at ground zero then builds up with proper knowledge
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  7. Rule one. There is no such thing as a perfect diet.

  8. If you say that you have a perfect diet, then lets pretend that you do...
    Then we need to start looking else where for the problem.. Tell us a bit more about HOW you train.. What rep range are you using ? What type of exercises?

    If you haven't done 5x5 basic exercises I would recommend that you try it out.. i.e. Chest:

    Benchpress 5x5
    Dumbbellpress 5x5
    Dips 5x5

    Always try to make the next workout harder and more intense. Either add more weight or decrease the time between the sets..


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