Deployed on a ship bulk to gain 10 pounds lean weight. Am I dreaming

  1. Deployed on a ship bulk to gain 10 pounds lean weight. Am I dreaming

    Ok, so 36 year old Competitive bodybuilder in the US NAVY deployed on a destroyer so I have to be creative with my training. Our gym is small, but I am pretty creative on getting it done. I train 6 days a week, and do cardio 15-30 minutes either pre or post training. I only do it for health reasons and to keep from getting fat. it also makes me feel good and I get a better pump during training if I do a 15 minute cardio session to warm up.

    I am eating 4 food meals daily with 1 or 2 shakes.
    I am taking VITAMIN CODE for men
    Barleans Fish oil
    Anabolic pump
    INHIBIT E cutting to 2 caps daily
    ERASE Cutting to 2 caps daily
    PRIME 3 caps daily
    Liver care PCT just came off bulk cycle pre deployment

    I eat navy chow, lean proteins, starch and veggies, fruit, and milk 2-3 times daily too. I drink water and coffee. DUH sailors love their coffee
    i have a greens powder as well. I have optimum whey and recreate caps for thermogenic as needed. I dont use PWO rightnow so I can sleep when needed due to ships watch rotation. I supplement meals as needed. What do yall think? Good stuff all things considered.

  2. I'm no expert, but if your calories and training are right, I don't see how being on a boat would interfere. I'm surprised you like Anabolic Pump, though. I did at first, but after trying a few other options, I think it's my least favorite partitioner for the money. Do they let you eat as much as you want, by the way?

  3. i can easily get between 3, and 4000 calories a day. I can supplement meals between the 4 they serve as needed. I can eat dessert, as needed to supplement calories too. I can go back for seconds after a certain time. Our meals are scheduled. I just cant really train legs heavy like i want to. Yesterday i did 100 rep squat set with only the 45 pound bar. We do have some chains to put on the bar and make it heavier, but not many plate weights, and no 45s. we have dumbells up to 100 lbs, and 2 cable machines, but not very heavy there either. Lots of reps and squeezing and creativity.

  4. It sounds to me like you're good to go. Obviously, there might be a few things you need to adjust from being at home, but no big deal. I actually prefer to train my legs in the 15-20 rep range. Do you have the flexibility/balance to do one leg body weight squats? They're surprisingly hard if you can go deep.

  5. I am doing a cutting routine right now and this is how i am rolling on deployment...

    30min Cardio at 15% INC 3.4 speed
    2 Scoops Purple Wrath
    1 Scoop Universal Storm

    4 Scoops Dehydrated Eggs

    1 Scoop Whey
    1 Scoop Caesin
    15 Almonds

    10AM (workout)
    1.5 scoop mesomorph
    1 scoop purple wrath

    2 scoops whey
    Apple or Greatfruit

    6OZ tuna
    2 Scoops White Rice

    1 Scoop Whey
    1 Scoop Caesin
    15 Almonds

    6 OZ chicken
    15 almonds

    30MIN Cardio
    1 Scoop Purple Wrath
    1 Scoop Universal Storm

    1 Scoop Caesin
    1 Scoop Whey
    15 Almonds

    As far as split i am doing a PWR/RR/SHK Routine with 3 on 1 off with the exception of RR week where i do 2 on 1 off. I dont do any cheat meals either but every other leg day i have a carb up day where i try to eat like 300-400 carbs.

  6. It can be done.. I was on the USS Batton in 2002 for 3 1/2 months.. you navy guys fed us Marines good!! Ate 4 times as well, but had a bunch of people send me some care packages with tuna and stuff like that. What do they call the last meal on the ship? mid rats? Dumbells are some times fun on ship when there are bad swells.

  7. Yes Midrats. I get enough calories, and supplement protein as needed.


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