Methyl V Stack?

  1. Methyl V Stack?

    I have methyl v methyl mag and and im 19 6'4 195. My friends that play football in college stacked the methyl v and the winistan v and my question basically is i want to gain weight and get a bit more toned any advice on what I should stack these with or how to take them would be great!

  2. You'd be much better off with flying ninja monkey tears. Seriously, check it out. Nutra has it, might be sold out.

  3. I have to ask, do you or your friends even know what you're putting into your body?

  4. No thats why I got on here and asked about it lol i know my friend gained twenty lbs and that he got all his advice from a guy he plays ball with. I havent taken anything yet but i do have all three of the products i listed and am unsure what to take and what precautions i should also take?

  5. Well not to be a d$ck, but common sense would point you to "google" the active ingredients. If memory serves me right, the Methyl V contains superdrol, Tren, Phera. To sumarise stay well away from this stuff until you are at least 21 and have done sufficient research on running AAS safely.



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