Hey y'all,

I have been fit and healthy, lifting weights and exercising, for about 8 years on and off. I decided to finally get serious about this about 2 months ago and have been tracking my progress for this time. My goal is to gain weight, as lean as possible, and build strength. I understand I will gain fat along with lean muscle mass and am aware I will need to cut when I am done. Please keep in mind as you read this I put this all together myself from research I did on my own. Nobody is coaching me so I could be WAY OFF.

I am 5'11 or so and 40 years old.
I started at 174 pounds about 2 months ago and am up to approximately 183 pounds. I feel I have reduced a lot of body fat and increased lean muscle greatly.

So my questions: What is a realistic goal for weight? I was thinking about 190-195? I am a medium-framed guy and have always hovered around 175 pounds with probably 25% body fat. Since I got serious about this my chest has increased by 4 inches, my waist is about the same and my arms and thighs have gained several inches.

Honestly I feel REALLY good and am getting comments about looking like I am getting bigger and stronger.

My diet is up to about 3000 calories a day sustained taking into consideration the amount I burn in my workouts and I am doing well towards a 55/35/15 diet.

I am going for strength, not endurance at this point, and will work on endurance later. My bench has gone up 40% in the past 2 months as well as the majority of my other routines.

My routine is really not in question thus far. I am doing your typical upper body, lower body exercises and I am pleased with the results. I lift to exhaustion and then rest for 2 days typically.

I did also take a cycle of Tren Xtreme I had lying around and am now following it with a PCT of Milkthistle, Tribulose, Fenugreek, and Estro-Xtreme stacked with HGHup. I have some Free Test, RPM, Drive and IGF-2 I need to figure out if I want to throw in the mix as well after about 3 weeks of PCT.

I just found out this morning that Tren-Xtreme and Extro-Xtreme have been removed from the market. Oooops.

Honestly, I feel good, my girlfriend says I am looking pretty good, and I have no complaints thus far except for the slowness of me gaining weight.

To keep my calories up I have been taking Amplified Mass XXX from GNC. I have also been using N0-extreme during my workouts.

My diet is pretty clean, I eat about 4-5 times per day maintaining a (roughly) 50/35/15 ratio.

I have gained about 9 pounds in two months. I know the suggestion is EAT MORE but man I am just tired of eating. I have even reduced cardio to 10 minutes before every workout just to warm up.

So I think I am making good progress. Does anyone see anything completely out of wack here?

Sorry for being wordy. I don't know what is of benefit and what isn't.

Thanks everyone for any input ya got!