Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice............

  1. Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice............

    anyone here on AM ever try this weight gainer and if so did it deliver?

  2. I have some time ago. Its best post workout, or in the morniing. Not too bad.

  3. thanks Cooky, just wasn't sure between muscle juice and serious mass. i heard alot of positive reviews for serious mass but haven't heard much about muscle juice

  4. Too many carbs in serious mass. UP YOUR MASS, ISO MASS, and several others including MUSCLE JUICE are much better choices. Anytime bro

  5. I love MHP's Up your mass!!


  7. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    I love MHP's Up your mass!!
    MHP does make decent products. I used their 12 hour protein, or slow aborbsing protein pre-bed and never woke up hungry in the mornings.

  8. Muscle juice is way too much carbs... Just get whey protein and add ANPB and oats.

  9. Just do this just do that. Each one of us has a pretty good idea. I am on a ship where convienence is key. Some of us just dont have room for a variety of ingredients. You have a good gainer recipe. Their are many out there. Muscle juice is good though. I like the chocolate.


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