My diet on cycle of dbol good enough?

  1. My diet on cycle of dbol good enough?

    Stats 197lbs. 13-16%fat. 5'9"

    How's my diet on dbol looking for bulk trying to gain 20lbs on cycle and hopefully keep 10-15lbs

    730amBreakfast: protein shake. Cheese stick. 2tb of PB
    9am: whole wheat sanwhich ham or chicken 6oz double protein bread.
    11am: protein bar or protein shot or almonds
    130pm: chicken and a meat and shrimp
    4pm: whole wheat sandwich 6 slices of meat 2 slice cheese
    630: glass of milk or protein shake if in the mood
    730: dinner usually chicken or meat some veggies
    10: glass of milk and 2tb pb.

    So how does that look? Does it look clean enough to stay lean and gain alot of quality muscle.... I know deli meat is high in sodium but I get boars head and it's so easy and convient...

  2. I eat more carbs than that off cycle cutting, personally. It looks most of your carbs are from cheese and milk and the milk is at night. I'd get them earlier in the day, preferably close to workout time, unless you work out in the afternoon/evening.

    I wouldn't worry *too* much about sodium. If you're getting a good sweat on a regular basis, you can handle more than the average person.

    Also, and maybe this is just me, why are you trying to bulk at 13-16% bf? To me, that's not really lean enough to gauge whether you're putting on muscle or fat. I'd get around 10% or below, then bulk.

  3. Well that's why the low carbs... I'm very carb sensitive and naturally a big guy... And the reason for the bulk is it's still winter... If I can ge up another 10-15lbs of muscle then cut.. I'll be that much bigger... And being on dbol should help that..Hoping not to gain to much fat...

  4. Oo and the bread is carbs also... Like 38grams a sandwhich...

  5. Looks alright. Man, dbol only cycle is not good man. You need to stack with test-e, your going to fall off once you end your dbol.

    Your eating looks pretty good, its not great, but ok. But when are you working out? its all about timing with carbs, if you get it pre, intra, and post you your insulin levels will shuttle all the protein into the muscle, protien syn way better, along with dbol, you will grow.

  6. Workout t/th/sat in the morning. Mon/fri evening. Ya I wish I could find test... But around me nothing and I'm not doing the online thing lol well that's hopeful I can keep ten pounds or so...

  7. have some simple carbs and protein before and after your workout it will help keep your gains


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