here is my diet help me change it around.

  1. here is my diet help me change it around.

    ok so i will need help on changing around some foods. right now i am on lower cal. diet because i was on a cutting program and lost a decent amount of fat but now im ready to bulk up and go from there.

    my height--5'6
    my weight-160lbs
    my body fat--25.8bmi (thats what the bmi calculator)

    here is what im eating a day but need to add about 2k calories

    meal 1
    whole wheat bread

    total cals=374.3
    total protein=41.3
    total fat=16.7
    total carbs=13.3

    meal 2
    mixed vegetables
    1/4 tuna
    sardines in mustard
    banana 1

    total cals=351
    total protein=33.5
    total fat=6.9
    total carbs=40.1

    meal 3
    soybeans cooked
    low fat yogurt

    total cals=332.1
    total protein=24.2
    total fat=9.6
    total carbs=41.4

    meal 4
    can chicken
    1 banana

    total cals=353
    total protein=32.5
    total fat=8.6
    total carbs=31

    meal 5

    low fat yogurt

    total cals=331
    total protein=39.6
    total fat=11.4
    total carbs=18.3

    total everything

    total cals=1741.4
    total protein=171.1
    total fat=53.2
    total carbs=144.1

    yes i see its low and was thinking of adding a 1000cal shake in the morning and in after noon or before bed to get them up.

    which would bring my cal intake to 3700 calories and it would up everything else.

    if i do add the shakes do you all think everything will be ok or do i need to add or take out food???
    "eat for the weight you want to be, not the weight you are"

    whats life without a dream????

  2. Here are some of my suggestions:

    meal 1
    protein- try eating whole foods rather then protein, try increasing your egg intake in the morning, I usually eat around 6-8 whole eggs. But your egg increase should correspond to your macro's and BMR/TDEE.
    eggs-3-See above
    whole wheat bread-I would replace the whole wheat bread with some quick oats, they provide you with a great complex carb source and have a lot of dietary fiber to keep you regular. Perhaps eat both, dependent upon your goals.

    meal 2
    mixed vegetables-Mixed veggies are good, but I would add a complex carb to this meal, like brown rice, whole sweet potatoes, etc. Personally I would eat the veggies and a complex carb source.
    1/4 tuna-Eat more tuna, you need more protein.
    sardines in mustard
    banana 1 -Maybe drop the banana for either pre or post workout, or eat upon waking....

    meal 3
    soybeans cooked- Some people shy away from soy, because of its "alleged" estrogenic properties, but this is controversial. However you should add a "meat" source to this meal to create a complete protein source, maybe lean beef or chicken? Some people don't like to eat carbs to late; personally I believe that if it fits within your macros that you are ok unless you are really carb sensitive. I just try not to eat to many carbs before bed, unless I am on a severe calorie deficit and working out in the A.M.
    orange- I would drop the orange from this meal, and replace with some type of veggies and add a good source of fat. Natural peanut butter is great for this.
    low fat yogurt -Try Greek Yogurt, which is really high in protein or a probiotic yogurt which has bacteria in it to aid the digestive process; make sure its low in sugar. I would probably eat this in the morning rather then later in the day as well

    halibut-This is good, but add more protein to this meal.
    tofu- I would eat whole vegtables rather then tofu, but that's just me, and add a good fat source to this meal.
    low fat yogurt-Replace this with a good source of fat, halibut is good, but you will need more fat, assuming your only eating a serving of two of halibut.

    Firstly you are not eating enough PROTEIN, you need to shoot for 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per lbs of body weight, or at least that's the general consensus in the weight lifting community. You also need more fats, particular good fats (mono and poly). Your fat consumption is way to low to build good dense muscle. I would also eat more complex carbs, as listed above, especially on workout days. Increase your carb intake on days when you workout. Also I am not sure when you work out, so I couldn't adjust the above, but I would eat complex carbs and some protein prior to working out, and then simple carbs or something like waxy maize starch and whey directly after lifting.

    I would also add in another meal; typically shot for 6-8 meals, meaning that you are constantly eating every 2-3 hours. For a last meal eat some kind of slow digesting protein ( casein), like milk or cottage cheese, or a casein protein shake. Also add in some good fat sources as well.

    I would also recommend that you add in some fish oil, with your last three meals. Or another fat source is fine as well.

    Maybe throw together a protein shake (whey and casein if you can do it) with some natty peanut butter, milk, and/or extra virgin olive oil, that's a weight gainer shake that I use, and its a sh*t ton of extra calories.

    Just remember to bulk up you need a lot of complex carbs, more calories, and good sources of fat. Don't shy away from saturated fat (but don't go overboard) because it is needed for muscle growth and for overall bodily functioning.

    Hope that this helps a bit. Try doing some more research on general nutrition. I am sure other will chime in here.

  3. ill be doing more work on my diet but thanks very helpful

    my goals are to gain muscle in my chest and arms, not to worried about abs right now.

    so now im kinda in the dark on how many calories i should be eating(3000k??)
    for protein i need 240g-300g of protein
    up my carbs and good fats.

    also my 2nd meal and 4th meal i only have 10 mins to eat so it has to be something fast
    "eat for the weight you want to be, not the weight you are"

    whats life without a dream????

  4. Figure out your BMR and your TDEE. Find a calculator for these online if you don't have the formula to figure it out. In order to just "bulk" people usually consume an additional 500 calories past their daily caloric intake. Those who are worried about fat, or sensitive to fats or carbs usually only consume somewhere around 250 more calories per day, this is traditionally called a lean bulk. In order to gain one pound you must consume an additional 3500 calories (thus 500 more a day, 7 days a week).

    My suggestion for bigger arms, do heavy compound movements for arms, shoulders, chest, and of course incorporate heavy squats and deadlifts (different variations of both). The bigger your lower body, the bigger your upper body can get. Good luck.

  5. im 5'9 about 150 and i do 300 protein 300 carbs and 100 fat....that coms out to 3300 calories.... try that out and try to get the majority of carbs in teh mornign and around ur workouts that should help with fat gain

  6. ok so i have done more research and came across this website(not sure if i can post it or not) and all you do is put in your weight or the weight you want to be at and it tells you how many carbs, protein,fat,cal you should take in

    Protein, Carb and Fat Recommendations

    1. Each Day You Should Take In 340 Grams Of Protein. This means you are taking in 1360 Calories from Protein.

    2. Each Day You Should Take In 170 Grams Of Carbs. This means you are taking in 680 Calories from Carbs.

    3. Each Day You Should Take In 57 Grams Of Fat. This means you are taking in 510 Calories from Fat.

    4. Each Day You Should Take In 2550 Calories.

    5. Each Of Your Six Meals Per Day Should Provide 57 Grams Of Protein.

    6. Each Of Your Six Meals Per Day Should Provide 28 Grams Of Carbs.

    7. Each Of Your Six Meals Per Day Should Provide 9 Grams Of Fat.

    8. Each Of Your Six Meals Per Day Should Provide 425 Calories.

    i put in 170lb because im 160 right now. but does this look right to you all??? yes or no and why if you dont mind thanks guys/gals.
    "eat for the weight you want to be, not the weight you are"

    whats life without a dream????

  7. I don't think I saw chicken in there. Eat oatmeal, pasta, bagels, brown rice...etc. And ya, u should be taking a protein shake. Great way to get extra cals and nutrients
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  8. tahts too much protein and not enough calories
    lower protein to a max of 300.... and fill in the rest with complex carbs and healthy fats depending on how carb sensitive u are

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    im 5'9 about 150 and i do 300 protein 300 carbs and 100 fat....that coms out to 3300 calories.... try that out and try to get the majority of carbs in teh mornign and around ur workouts that should help with fat gain

    you need a lot more carbs if your bulking....try around 500 for your size.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  10. Holy moly, if my macros were anywhere near this amount I'd be over 300# in a month. Sounds like you need to focus on HEAVY compound lifts, and just forget any cardio. For bulking, just eat everything/anything (wisely) and take a mass gainer. Keep it simple.

  11. i am still going to do cardio i like running so ill have a run after my workout.

    i need 600 cals and 64g protein in each meal and ill just try to keep the fat and carbs down. with my job i only get 2 10min breaks so im going to have a shake for both of those but eat good on my lunch then eat good once i get home. i understand shakes arnt the best but 10 mins isnt long enough to heat anything up so something is better then nothing.

    ill be back with my meal plan so i can get started on bulking
    "eat for the weight you want to be, not the weight you are"

    whats life without a dream????

  12. Yo nach0, you've got a good handle on your dietary needs. I can't over-emphasize the need for heavy lifting though...

    For example, I stopped lifting for 3 mos. and dropped 30#. Diet remained unchanged except for stopping 50 g. supplemental protein daily...Then started lifting again and put back on 25# (2.5 mos.) with no dietary changes, not even added protein, and 40 min cardio daily.

    Don't limit dietary fat while bulking. Dietary fat cannot turn into body fat, plus all your hormones are made from fat. You don't want to limit your body's ability to manufacture hormones with all the heavy compound lifts you will be doing (which also increases test levels).

    Watch going too low on carbs, it WILL affect your strength/stamina for all those heavy lifts.
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