Diet for a teenager looking to gain a good amount of weight

  1. Diet for a teenager looking to gain a good amount of weight

    Hey i"m an 19 year kid coming off a serious knee injury and its been 2 years from it and i am looking to gain 30 lbs (i'm 150) to become 180 and be able to play on my college team. I currently am doing physical therapy on my knee still. But i am at full go to get big. I currently have an umlimited meal plan am lookng for a workout 6x a week mon- saturday. and a meal plan I plan on waking up at 8 or 9 every morning adn to workoutaorund 10 then go to my classes. My supplements i am getting ready to purchase/or have our: Rebuilt mass super anabolic weight gainer from Gnc, waxy maize (carbohydate),no shotgun, myofusino protein powder,osteo sport and joint force sports stack,ADAM multivitamin (havent gotten it yet skeptical if i shood get a different one instead?),KreALkalyn creatine,L arginine pills (1000 mg).

    A workout and diet would be great i am looking to bulk up to 180 then tone up for basketball and be able to play college ball next yeaer help would be great.

  2. Look up westside for skinny bastards III, probably your best bet at bulking up and improving your performance and athleticism. Defranco has a really good off season and in season training program that will help you get big and strong. Pick some of the excercise that you think you are week at, lots of unilateral lower body to get your knee strong again as well. At this age your body is primed to grow, and I'm assuming most of your conditioning will come from playing basketball, so you will need plenty of calories. Protein I would recommend to 180g per day initially. Carbs anywhere from 200-300g, mostly complex carbs, simple sugars in the am and post workout will be fine. Fats around 60-75g per day. Start there, and if you feel your weight gain is slowing, add in a few more macros here and there. As far as the supplements, I would drop the gnc weight gainer, make a homemade one of whey, cottage cheese, peanut butter, whole milk, honey, and oats. Myofusion is a good protein, waxy maize will be fine with some whey post workout. I would add some fish or flax oil, or both if you have the cash. Honestly you can drop the arginine, and personally I prefer creapure(mono) over the krealkalyn. No shotgun is ok but you probably don't need it. ADAM is decent, I do spectro 3 personally, but multivitamins are personallly preference. Anything else you wanna know just ask, just train, eat, study, and sleep. You will grow no problem, good luck.

  3. thanks man do you have any information on a diet like what i should look into eating and what time of the day? idk like a meal plan

  4. Try to eat every 3 hours or so. Just eat lean meats: chicken, fish, lean beef cuts, eggs complex carbs: brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta fats: flax oil, olive oil, nuts. Figure out how many times a day you can eat and divide the grams of protein carbs and fats to get how many macros you need per meal. Start reading food labels, its your best weapon when shopping.

  5. i can eat whenever my man an unlimited meal plan for school, i got classes 12-3 everyday dn then i got nothing to do

  6. Look around this forum, a lot of people have meal plans posted you can look at. Then make one that works for you.

  7. just remember, you eat every 3 hours small meals, you will still take in as many carbs/calories if you put those into 3 meals, when it comes down to it at the end of the day. just eat, eat, eat some more, sleep, eat, workout, and keep eating. you want to gain weight, you need to eat a healthy diet but get your portein intake up around 1.5x body weight. also i have to comment...the gnc mass gainers are bs. no mass gainer is really needed as long as you eat. as well as the waxy maize (simply corn starch) and Kre-alkalyn are both shown to not really do a whole hell of a lot if anything at all. if kre-alkalyn does do something its bare minimul compared to a mono creatine, just try not to waste your money brah.

  8. Eat often, but let the weight come on naturally, and slowly. It seems like a great idea to get big and ripped at the time, but your conditioning and joints have to catch up as well, especially in basketball. That's a sport that more weight isn't necessarily better. If your body isn't meant to support 180, I wouldn't push it. Coming off an ACL recon in high school I went from 185 to 218 in a few months eating every 2 hours, huge meals. Ended up tearing my meniscus that season. Now I walk around like 205 and feel a million times better than I did when I was that big.

    As you get older, the weight will come up naturally, I realize the pressure of being considered "too small" to play at the next level, but I know a lot of guys I played with that made it happen at D1 schools being undersized. Look up Jesse Carr and Wes Eikemeier at Colorado State... both little guys, regardless of what their stats might say.

  9. GOMAD diet(gallon of whole milk a day) works wonders. Train hard and eat like a madman and the gains will come.

  10. of course you will need more than this, but these are my staples.

    Chicken, oatmeal, eggs, bagels, pasta, peanut butter


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