EAT BIG!!... I think I need to eat bigger though!

  1. EAT BIG!!... I think I need to eat bigger though!

    Hey guys so basically I am walking-on to a D-1 football team at the end of January. I weigh 240( up from 225 a month ago ) and I need to be atleast 260 by the end of January. I think that a 15 pound weight gain is pretty good for a month, and I have done it in a way that i've gained mostly muscle and of course a little fat.

    I was just wanting to post my diet for a day to see what you all thought and for you guys to add. I only hit the gym 4 days a week, but I do high intensity training.

    Pre breakfast- ISO max xtreme protein powder with 2% milk and usually a peice of fruit.

    Breakfast- 12 egg whites with 1-2 whole eggs and half a pound of turkey sasuage, two slices of whole wheat bread

    Mid Morning Snack- two hand fulls of raw almonds, protein shake with water not milk, and maybe some whole wheat crackers or a PB&J sandwich

    Lunch- Two chicken breast, whole can of kidney beans, and a package of whole grain rice, maybe some cottage cheese and a peice of fruit too

    Afternoon Snack- Yogurt, almonds, whole wheat bread.. maybe a PB&J and a protein shake with water

    Dinner- Chicken breast or turkey meat, whole can/bag of veggies, rice, and whatever else I can get my hands on

    Pre Bed- Protein shake with milk, cottage cheese, celery with peanut butter(good stuff)

    As far as portion sizes go, I just eat a crap load.. usually until I am a little passed full. I notice I get hungry within 45mins after eating too. I drink plenty of water throughout the day as well. I do think that my 15 pound gain in a month is great, but I would love opinions and add-ons from anyone who would like to chim in!! Again goal weight by the end of January is 260-265!!!

    Thanks for everything!!


  2. you gained 15lbs in a month.... of LBM thats like impossible

  3. It's not completely LBM, I did say there was a little fat involved haha. But yes I have gained it very lean. Keep in mind that I do eat a lot.

    Aside from that, have you any advice or output for my diet??

  4. Stop throwing away all those nutrients and good fats in the egg yolks! There's more good protein and fat in those yolks then you'll get in processed sausage any day of the week, which is mostly saturated fat and sugar.

    Make your PB&J a PB & banana. Jelly is pure sugar and completely useless to you, while bananas have numerous positive health benefits. Don't like bananas? Then still ditch the jelly.

    It's obvious that you aren't tracking any of your intake, which is a MISTAKE. Basically you have no clue what you're eating, and if you were to try to guess, trust me, you'd be way off. I'm bulking right now, and today I'm going to eat 3,502 calories, 382 grams of carbs, 112 grams of fats which will come primarily from eggs and PB, and 274 grams of protein. After a couple weeks with this plan, I'll readjust my intake based on how well this diet is helping me reach my goals.

    Just remember, the whole point is optimization, and that means keeping track of what you're doing and it's results, then changing accordingly. You can't be sure what you're doing right or wrong if you don't even know what you're doing in the first place.

    What are you going out for? 6'3", 260 sounds like defensive line, or maybe tight end?

  5. Hey Tate!

    Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it so much. I will start tracking my calories starting today.

    I am 6'5'' and 245 right now and my goal by next fall is around 280 pounds. They want me at some linemen position. That is what I played in highschool and I was about 260 then. I know you;re probably thinking that im pretty small but I'll put the weight on in no time with the proper nutrition and training( which thank you again for the info and advice by the way)

    Feel free to give any advice or give any teachings to me, I have a solid base as far as training... I'm slowly getting there on the diet!!!

    Thanks again for all the help


  6. Here is what you need to do take your BW (240) x 18 = 4320 calories PER day to gain weight NOW with a 40\40\20 break down take 4320 x .40 = 1728 calories then divide 1728 by 4 = 432g of protien and 432g of Carbs a day do the same for fat 4320 x .20 = 864 divide that by 9 = 96g of fat a day try to hit near those numbers each day and you will gain weight try that for a couple weeks if your not gaining increase or decrease your intake if you are putting on alot of fat. Also like tate said stay away from food that are high in sugar eat alot of fiberouse foods and green veggies also throw in some Yams also I would suggest taking the milk out of your pre bed and the PB stick to almonds and Cottage cheese if you can I mean PB is fine but almonds are better

  7. 35 pound gain in 3 months is gonna be mostly fat.....imo if you want quick weight....dont waste your eggs eat whole eggs....drink a gallon of whole milk....and keep track of your the rate you want to gain weight and im guessing theres no steriod usage here....its mainly gonna be fat so might as well gain the weight as easy as possible and whole eggs and milk will do that! once you get where you want to be change your diet up cut that fat but maintain the calorie/protein/carb intake and start dropping bf while trying to maintain 260

  8. Sorry, I thought it said 6'3". If you're going D-1 then anything under 310 is still very small for offensive line. But on the defense the weight varies much more. I played high school O-line at 6' 270 lbs. Just a little guy, lol.

    It's true, you are going to add quite a bit of fat, but linemen at that level usually carry quite a bit of fat anyways. I know you want to gain weight, but don't neglect your cardio. If you need to add even more calories, then do it, but do cardio, and do it plenty. You're going to need to throw that extra fat around without getting winded. Imagine going for a jog with a 50 lb weight on your back. You're going to need to do that all the time once you have added this weight.

  9. Thanks guys!! The advice/info is awesome

    I understand that weight that gaining weight that fast is mainly going to be fat, but my goal is to gain this weight (up to around 260 ) by January really fast and then do it really lean with the rest of my time before the fall.

    Thanks again guys!!

  10. you guys are making me feel way small haha im just 155 heheh.


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