Bulk suggestions?

  1. Bulk suggestions?

    Looking for some suggestions on my bulk. Im 6'2, 180lbs. Trying to get to 195. My suppliments are the basics, creatine, protien, and I alternate pre w/o with super pump 250 and dark rage. Im also going to run a bottle of Prime.
    meal 1-7am- 4 eggs, 3 toast, protien shake
    meal 2- 1030am- pbj, or lunch meat sandwich
    meal 3- 1pm- 6-8oz chicken breast, cup of rice or pasta, veggies.
    work out at 2 or 3 depending on when I get home
    Meal 4- post work out-4pm- protien shake, some type of beef and pasta, either spaggeti, or a steak and pasta and veggies or tuna and pasta. Depends on what I decided to cook for the week.
    Meal 5-7pm -Lunch meat sandwich, cottage cheese.
    Meal 6-10pm- same as meal 3.

    Workout 4 days a week.
    MONDAY Bench- 3x5
    Decline dumbell press- 3x8
    Flys- 3x10
    Barbell curls- 3x8
    Precher curls- 3x8
    TUESDAY Deadlift 3x5
    Goodmornings 3x8
    Bent over rows 3x5
    reverse flys 3x10
    reverse curls 3x8
    hammer curls 3x10
    THURSDAY Shoulder press 3x5
    Arnold press 3x8
    Side/front lat raises 3x10
    skull crushers 3x8
    overhead dumbell ext 3x8
    Friday Squats 3x5
    calf raises 3x10
    barbell curls 3x10
    reverse curls 3x10
    close grip bench 3x10

    Looking for any feedback or suggestions.

  2. Overall it looks decent. It looks like your food choices are generally OK. I didn't do any calculations, but since you are having a protein source at basically every feeding you're probably fine there. Just increase the portions of these foods until you start gaining weight at your desired rate.
    Your workout program looks like it revolves around the basic lifts, which is good. Personally I would do your tricep work on your bench day and overhead day and your bicep work on your back day. I would also drop the arm work on your SQ day and add something like lunges and maybe some back raises. You have way more upper body work than lower body work, so that's why I would make those changes. I would also add pull-ups or chin-ups on your back day.

  3. I will switch my bicep day and tricep day, and add in some lunges. I dont have a bar for chin ups or pull ups, I work out at home. Im going to buy one of the door chin up bars soon and then I will add that into my back day once I get that. Thanks for the input.

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