Help with diet to gain whilst on Epi

  1. Help with diet to gain whilst on Epi

    I'm about to start my second ph cycle this year (did hdrol earlier this year) and am doing 6 weeks on epi.

    My aim is to gain around 8lbs of muscle and want some help with my diet. I think I eat well and have a good amount of protein but not sure if:

    1) I eat enough carbs?
    2) I eat enough food in general?

    So far this is what it looks like:

    5.30: protein/carb shake, piece of wholemeal toast

    6.30-8: WORKOUT

    8: protein/carb shake

    8.30: 60g oats with mixed berries, OJ, mint tea

    10.30: chicken breast in pitta with salad

    12-1: CARDIO 3 x times a week

    1: protein shake

    1.30: Meal: either pasta+bolognese OR cottage pie+baked beans OR Chilli + salad

    3.30: protein bar

    6.30: Omelette (3x eggs) chorizo + salad OR chicken breast + broccoli

    10: cottage cheese

    Should I be eating more, and if so, of what (carbs/protein/fat) and any suggestions on where to fit it in?

    I'm 36, 5ft9 & 82kg at around 12% body fat.

  2. I think you'd get better results if you could throw macros on your meals and gave a total for your day. I'm still not good enough with foods to look at them and tell you their macros, but could definitely give advice based upon the daily macros you eat and what your goals are.

  3. seriously too much "junk" protein

    5.30: protein/carb shake, piece of wholemeal toast
    8: protein/carb shake
    1: protein shake
    3.30: protein bar

    more of that should be solid whole food proteins. From my estimate, 1/2-2/3 of your daily protein intake is shakes + the bar

    seems like you have enough carbs

  4. List your macros + calories for each meal + total for the day.

    Your cals may be high enough, but it looks like your diet is too low in fats. Estimated cals at first look seem a bit low for a bulk.

    evoo, coconut oil, peanut butter, almond butter, etc, would be good to add, especially during a bulk. Whole milk is great too. I buy everything as whole as possible when bulking.

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