I need help with my diet.. bad

  1. I need help with my diet.. bad

    Ok so basically I'm in a bad situation for building mass, I constantly work and go to school so the only days I can lift is sunday, monday, tues, wed, I have never been able to recover quickly at all and so I'm blaming it on my diet which is terrible. I'm a broke college kid and cant afford to buy a bunch of steak and stuff, so pretty much my diet right now is... well...
    sunday: I'll just eat whenever and whatever because i dont have school or work
    monday: I have class the majority of the day so I wake up early and don't eat before I go to the gym because then my preworkout drink is pointless, come home eat and have a protien/weight gainer shake, go to school, buy some kfc or some other fast food and dont eat again until like 10... I know its pretty bad, but it gets worse
    tuesday: get about 7hrs of sleep then wake up go straight to work, dont eat until about 11am then I go home have a pre workout drink, go to the gym, come back and eat and I may have one more meal before bed

    the whole week pretty much goes like this accept thursday I only eat about twice a day then get about 6hrs sleep because i work at night thurs fri sat.. friday night i only get about 4hrs of sleep and sat night i sleep in

    So really what I'm asking is what are some good ways to get calories without having to spend all my money going out to eat at work during the day, and its not like my house is filled with chicken breast and steak because I'm to broke... I already know my diet is terrible, but with the way I work and wanting to have a preworkout before the gym to get motivated its hard.. any suggestions at all would be great.
    thanks, casey

  2. Crazy schedule! Theres still hope, and I think if you add some mixed nuts\trail mix that will at least get some unsaturated fats into your diet which assist in the production of testosterone.
    You should be eating close to 3,000 calories a day, and skip the kfc, seriously you are better off buying a subway sandwich than eating kfc.
    To recover better your body uses 2 energy sources for rebuilding they are fats and carbs, and since you want to bulk, eat foods rich in both.
    YOu may want to eat later on at night, but keep yourself well fed through out the day.

    Maybe a good starting point is to try this, make sure you eat your big 3 meals breakfast,lunch, & dinner.
    In between each of those meals throw in a "snack" something like 1/2 cup trailmix and cottage cheese and a shake probably half a scoop or so.

    Thats all I can think of right now.

  3. Just a few suggestions bro.

    1. Frozen bulk chicken breast. Reasonable price, precooked, microwaveable.
    2. I like the birdseye steamfresh veggies, because again you just pop in the microwave and bam, mixed veggies for your fibers and carbs.
    3. Also you can microwave your carbs such as sweet potatoes.
    5. I was crazy busy myself when I was in college, I just graduated. A well placed meal replacement shake (weight gainer if your a hard gainer) will also save you tim. Just throw the powder in a shaker in the am, and mix whenever.
    6. The biggest time saver is to cook ahead of time. I cooked all my stuff on sunday. I know in school its hard to not have your buddies try to jack your food. But a well placed threat or 2 has great effects. And if you are limited in your storage space, I would just cook the potatoes and or veggies ahead of time.

    Hopefully this helped a little. I know it is difficult, but it isnt impossible. Good luck!!

  4. At 205, you need more like 3500 calories, or more, to grow.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by surreallmlan View Post
    At 205, you need more like 3500 calories, or more, to grow.
    yes sir, i would say at least 310g of protein a day...and the same for carbs. When bulking i up my carbs and cals...

  6. if ur working so much u can def. afford some bulk chicken and other bulk foods like rice and what not things u can easily prepare before hand and eat in class.....i do it, so can u :-)

  7. thanks for all the input, i have a microwave at work so i'm def going to get some veggies and stuff, again thanks I appreciate it

  8. dude, no excuses lol u can get a lunch box or case. thats what i do. im currently at baylor college of medicine. with clinicals and classes on top of that, its so hard to eat every 2 hours. so i carry around everywhere i go, a lunch box. it has all i need in it for 8 hours. if u arent allowed to eat in class or something, go use the restroom and eat a p&j sandwich and a few slices of turkey meat. do that throughout the day. also, oatmeal packets are great. microwave 1 cup of water for 1 and 1/2 min and pour into a bowl of oats and eat. add blueberries onto that and u have a great snack. good luck!
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  9. and walmart has bags of premade chicken u can cook on the stove. takes 10 min and cook about 5 of them to eat throughout the day. comes with 10 breast for like 5 bucks or so.
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