help with my bulking diet

  1. help with my bulking diet

    hey guy,im looking to bulk alot this and become a freak,lol.alittle backround,bulked up last year from 120 to 144,but was really more fat then anything so dont wanna repeat of last year.this summer i cut down to 115,look nice,but still think i lost some more muscle then i would have wanted too,been at it again for 2 weeks,gain like 5 pounds,so a nice start but i am changing it up again,this is what i came up with

    im about 120 right now
    protein meals
    3 whole eggs,2 white
    7 whites
    1/3 pound chicken beast
    1/3 pound beast or 7 whites
    wieght gainer shake (700 cals,90 carbs,16 fat,50 pro)
    1/2 pound 93%lean hamburger meat
    casien shake (25 pro)

    guessing its about 220 not counting whats in the carb meals

    carb meals
    1 cup oatmeal mix with natural applesauce
    1 banana
    whole grain pasta (65g per serving)
    brown rice (60g)
    the shake (90)

    last meal of day no carbs
    guessing about 360

    what do you guys think?not sure where the cals are at,im open to anything but i dont eat fish,tuna fish im ok with

    goals are to get pretty big,dont mind getting a little fat cause i can cut in the summer,but dont want it to get crazy.thanks for the help

  2. Looks like some solid food choices. Peanut butter and almonds/other nuts are easy calories.

  3. Diet looks solid. If you want to avoid what happened last year just track calories and use the mirror and the scale to gauge your progress. If you feel you are putting on too much fat then cut the calories back a little

  4. thanks,yeah i'll chalk up last year as a practice run,im run the trifecta stack now,so that should with gains and keeping some fat off.atfer a break imma run turnibol LV,by itself or stacked,now sure yet.i would love to add some milk and peanut better,but being so small hurt,fats wise.with the whole eggs,burgermeat and shakes,im at like 50gs of fats atleast,and i heard its not good to go over half you bodywieght

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