Back from an AM break, ready to gain

  1. Back from an AM break, ready to gain

    Long time no see guys. These past couple months have been hectic as hell with work and school starting up. I missed yall

    I have a new split going on and wanted to get yalls opinions. I have two kinesiology workout classes and we meet M W every week and do an upper/lower body split. I still want to fit in my normal workouts though so this is what's goin on....

    Monday-Lower body in class
    Wednesday-Upper body in class

    It's going well so far but im concerned with doing upper body T W TH and F.
    Any ideas on a how I can change it up? I left sat and sun open for anything really. but i'd like to have at least one off day.

    Thanks for any help guys

  2. if you do chest and tris on tues, then upper body on wed, thats kinda over killing half of your upper body dont u think? lol

    Mon - lower body
    Tues - OFF
    Wed - Upper body
    Thurs - Deadlifts,squats,leg press
    Friday - Chest and tris
    Sat - Back and bis
    Sun - OFF

    Id try to do something along the lines of this
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  3. yea i know id be training my upper way to friggin much lol. i like the split you drew up alot...i think i'll do that and just add in shoulders/traps on tuesday if I can so i can have direct shoulder workouts.

    thanks r1balla. appreciate the feedback

  4. no prob man...the only reason why i didnt add in shoulders is because i get sore in my shoulders when i do chest and i do power cleans during "upper body" day. also, i incorporate a rear dealt workout during my back workout. and my shoulders have continued to grow. i used to have a whole day for shoulders and never saw a difference compared to what i am doing now thats i dont do shoulders in one day
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  5. also, this will make ur traps extremely sore...when u deadlift, shrug the bar at your top finish and do low reps like 3 to 6. that always gets my traps sore as crap
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