Lean bulk question here...This is new to me but I've been trying to plan this out for a bit now. Planning an upcoming bulk and want to work the diet to be more of a paleo-type CKD.

Anyone here have experience with this or have any pointers?

What are the best carb sources for carb-ups? Or is it better to just modify the diet and add some grains for carb-up days (thinking Quinoa, low GI carbs, no oats, preferably no grains other than quinoa). Would a lot of fruit alone be enough? I know fructose isn't the best carb source for replenishing glycogen, but I'm guessing it will do the trick if I'm going to have increased carb sensitivity + taking NA-RALA, yellow gold, and/or possibly low dose metformin.

I'm not planning on eating too much fruit midweek, mostly berries or low carb powdered berry extracts, tons of veggies and lots of meat + meat fat, coconut oil, olive oil. I will be including protein powders as well in the diet, so it's not going to be truly paleo, but modified I guess.