awesome iphone app calorie / protein tracker!

  1. awesome iphone app calorie / protein tracker!

    ok so i have to recommend this app to anyone who has an iphone / ipod touch.

    its called myFitnesspal (ya a bit g*y sounding i know) and its in the Appstore or Itunes

    anyway, my wife has been using this for about a month and she has been using it to lose weight. its an awesome calorie counter that is setup in a way that everyday you just search for the food you ate and add it to the days consumed food. it gives you the total cals / fats / pros everything for that day and charts it out for you.

    i thought it was only for weight loss but it has settings for weight gain too. this progie rocks!

    get it.

    its totally free and you can even manage your info from the web if your on your computer.

    this sure beats the excell spreadsheet i was keeping!

    just thought i'd share...

  2. follow up, you actually set in here how much weight you want to gain and it gives you a total cal count for that day that you must consume (based on averages and your bio stats) and as you add food in that you ate it actually subtracts it from your daily total and tells you how much more you need to eat that day to gain.

    now i know its not 100% accurate for everyone but its pretty darn close and it does ask you bio stat questions when setting up...

    also, it does have a decent workout tracker but its more useful for losing or cutting as it subtracts cals burned from workout from daily total. not really helpful for bulking and since im doing a pyrmid work out (225,235,245,250lbs) etc theres really no way to set that in here. just pick one weight, reps, and sets. however its not bad for FREE.

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