bulking vs harris-bendedict BMI

  1. bulking vs harris-bendedict BMI

    ive been researching diet, and bulking. I just got done with a halodrol cycle and im trying to keep my gains(+13 lbs).

    Ive been looking up BMI,BMR, and harris benedict formula for gaining weight. but its nothing like the diet I see on here, or that I used

    harris benedecit says to gain wieght I need..
    3500 cal
    about 500 g of carbs
    about 130 g of protien

    but the usal bulking diet i see seems to have half those carbs, and twice the protien!!?? Ive always known to be a rule of thumb to eat 1.5 gram of protein for every pound i wiegh when i want to bulk?
    any insight on this please?

    I mention before, ran a cycle. Im running PCT currectly, 2nd week. Im slightly tired of gourging my self? can i drop the protein a little? compared to the way i ate to bulk up....to MAINTAIN these gains..do I still need the same amount? should the harris benedict formualy apply for maintaing weight?

    the more and more i read about diet(been so for years) i still feel like i know nothing sometimes

  2. BMR = 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5 x height in cm) - (6.8 x age)

    Bulk breakdwn for a 200lb male: 330g protein, 412g carbs, 121g fat

    So yes, you can eliminate some of the protein. As a matter of fact, try to eat whole foods and restrain from using protein supplementation if you can. At maximum, 1 shake per day.

  3. sorry..i should have posted my info on my stats..
    i am 190lbs
    6 ft
    9% bf.
    27 years old

    my intake now is 3500 calls..
    aboout 200 g protien( but was 250+ while bulking)
    and 400 g carbs.

    how is that? should i modify it?

    i only take one shake a day usually, my deit consist of mostly chicken, veggie burgers, potatoes, pasta, and rice. whoesome foods. and LOTS of olive oil and milk in my diet as well..but those not factored into my intake i stated above. so i actaully get a little more than what i wrote down but I prefer to underestimate rather than overestimate, so that why I dont ever under eat..if that makes sense!?!

    the BMR doesnt take into consideration BF% thats why i am not sure if im eating the right amount of protien vs carbs.

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