2nd Bulking Phase - Ready to Explode

  1. 2nd Bulking Phase - Ready to Explode

    ok so I've finished my first bulking phase where I went from about 160 - 205 and then I did a cutting phase which now has me at about 180-185 and I'm ready to bulk again but I want to do it as clean as possible. I'm or I was a hardgainer so the first time it was eat everything in sight regardless of fat content etc but this time I want to be more careful.

    My workout plan is solid and I go at least 4 times a week and I'm constantly seeing gains in strength all around in all exercises.

    My current stack looks like this:

    T-Bomb 2 (test boost)
    Surge Recovery
    Whey Protein (about 90grams daily)

    ***Any suggestions on what to add to this maybe?***

    I'm also upping my overall protien to about 250+ a day too.

    Any suggestions on what I could add to my stack that you guys have PERSONALLY had results with?


  2. All I can really add is up ur calories a lot & water intake & eat atleast every 3 hours while awake & get ur meals in early & wake up earlier if u have to if u can't get all ur meals in atleast 3 hours b4 bedtime. Also if u have had solid training for sum years & ur nutrition is in check & if the shoe fits wear it but sum "gear" might b an option dependin on ur goals & genetics. U can grow wthout enhancments it wll jst take longer & hard days & long nights. Also squat ass to floor for ultimate mass cause legs wll increase ur upper mass cause ur body wll only get so un balanced. Also cut out stims as it does help focus in the gym but it does ramp up ur metabolism tht burns fat & we all knw u can't bulk & diet down at the same time. Do sum research but there is no magic supp out there but the truth is behind hard work & disiplne & supps wll help but not do it all. Best of luck to you & hope ths helps & one mre thng to add. If u r a hardgainer & desperatley need a preworkout 4 the gym u jst got 2 eat even mre cause u r burnin muscle wth any stim in a preworkout. Later!

  3. thanks man, i was strongly considering getting some dark rage though...would you not recommend that in this case?

  4. U came to the right place for tht question as I am a MHP supp user. I pre wth dark rage & post wth dark matter. Dark rage & dark matter are in a league of there own & they got everythng to balance thngs out. Yes dark rage is a stim but it also has the bcaas & if u take dark matter right away post u got no worries. Another thng I wuldnt mind reccomendin to is no bomb cause the pumps wth the dark stack r sick. U wll gain good strength & results wth MHP. All the best to u brother in iron & make sure u keep me posted on ur gains as we all need to help one another hand & hand. Another pre I wuld reccomend is code red from muscle meds also owned by MHP & it already has no bombs glyco-carn system all in one & might save u sum cash on dark rage & no bomb. I highly reccomend the dark stack & no bomb. It is intense lol!

  5. Don't get caught up in incorrect forum broscience of eating your meals on a time table. Just eat however much over your maintenance you want maybe 500 cal is a good starting point. Eat whenever and however you feel like. I have started at times to just eat 2 massive meals in all day and it's real nice. Either way just focus on macros and limit your fat content somewhat unless your not gaining than it's fine to up it along with everything else if need be.

    Remember in the end what makes you gain extra fat is extra calories.

  6. I'd add in some beta alanine as well. It's pretty cheap on nutraplanet and I've been taking it along with creatine mono & ASGT and my lifts are going up every week.

  7. thanks guys for the feedback


    so i actually went into GNC (before I read your reply) to pickup some Rage and Matter and the guy there talked me out of it! For about the same price or actually a little less he gave me 2 bottles of GNC Pro PerformanceŽ RapidDrive Arginine 5000 and this stuff called Jac3d which he told me he wasn't a stimulant but a focuser and that he wouldn't work out without it. Also, there was another GNC guy there that was a freaking tank and he said the same thing. I also told them what my current stack was and they both agreed that these were good addons.

    Now, that being said. I plan to alt off T-Bomb when I'm done with this round probably in about a month or so and at that point I will likely alt off what they just sold me this week and most likely onto the Rage / Matter combo.

    Hearing all of that ^ would you suggest I keep / remove anything from my NEW current stack when moving on to the Rage / Matter combo other then dropping the T-Bomb?

    (New Current Stack)

    Creatine (work out days)
    T-Bomb 2 (daily)
    Surge Recovery (work out days)
    Whey Protein (about 90grams daily)
    Arginine (daily)
    Jac3d (work out days)

  8. why not order from nutra Planet?? Ill tell you what I'll design a supplement stack for you and with the money you save you could buy another months worth of supplements. Fyi....

  9. maybe next time around man, just re-upped about a 60 days supply of everything last week.


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