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    I'm currently taking protein bcaas and glutamine. I do 5x5 as my workout and weigh about 210 my plan is to reach 230+ lbs and then once I make it to 18 inch arms cut back down to 210 by eating less calories and taking either hydroxycut or animal cuts. Any advice ideas or tips would rock.

  2. its gonna be hard gaining that much weight but as long as u eat like a champ you can do it. as far as a fat burner, i always lean away from those cause they have so many bad side effects. simply focusing on diet and the proper training for cutting will get the job done. even taking something like HGHup or powerfull will help you lean out.
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  3. lol hydroxycut
    research cutting methods here so you have a real plan. of course, that wont be for a while given you want to gain 20+lbs. good luck

  4. I don't wanna sound like a jerk but surprisingly I gain weight fairly quickly.

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