Beer and Muscle Gains

  1. Beer and Muscle Gains

    Ok so I am sure this is probably a no brainer, but does beer/alcohol affect muscle gains and if so how? I am sure it will lead to a beer belly or some such, but outside of that.... I work out I have my protein shake then I crack open the beers, repeatedly haha.

  2. That can lead to increased estrogen. Decreased protein synthesis and wont allow creatine to do its job. Yes, drinking is very counterproductive.

  3. IMO it's worse if you cycle. I don't and I do drink. Sure it may hinder things a bit but personally I really only have a problem with it on a cut for obvious reasons. I also know what moderation is. I choose to stay natty and in return I'll have beers after a long week. It effects people differently though. Just because it doesn't hinder me much doesn't mean it won't really hurt some one elses progress.

  4. This is something I struggle with lately because alcohol does lower test levels, but a lot of my weekend social life ends up at bars. So I do drink but have been doing so in moderation lately. I have switched it up to diet coke and rum to help keep my bad carbs down.

  5. Yes alcohol lowers test. But you know what, for those out there getting sh!t faced every weekend, damn bros have some self-restraint. I drink, but it never goes past 3 beers at the most, or 1 shot of tequila and a single beer. I got goals to accomplish so drinking is not really in my bodybuilding protocol.

    If you're serious about your bb'ing goals, then minimizing alcohol should be just as important as anything else that's required (working out, eating etc...), and you shouldn't have a problem lowering your alcohol intake. Some people act like they can't socialize/party/live without getting f*cked up.

  6. My workout partner drinks 2 Sparks as his preworkout drink. Energy and buzz feeling pumps him up. When we leave the gym he pounds a Natural Ice while I drink a protein shake. He 's solid and stronger then me. We do the same workout and started at the same time. I still don't drink but he gains every month more then me and beats all my lifts by a couple pounds.

  7. Layne Norton wrote an article on about this. There's some decent advice on mitigating the damage caused by the occasional social drinking night. I can't post links, but you can probably find it by Googling "Layne Norton" and "College"


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