Muscle Juice....

  1. Muscle Juice....

    Yeah, I know, mass gainers are not the best.

    Most of you know my story, in Iraq, 'nuff said. I can't home make good shakes.

    So I bought some Muscle Juice because it was cheap and is 1000cals per serving. Just wanted to test it, because I am kind of tired of a hurting stomach full of hard food all day lol.

    Directions say to have some 30mins before workout, and have some more 1 hour later.

    My question:

    Currently take N.O. Ignite with a scoop of kwik karb pre, and 2 scoops nutra + 2 scoops kwik karb immediately post.

    I was thinking of taking the muscle juice at maybe 1/2 or 3/4 serving right before bed.

    I work out in the morning (my morning lol) just fyi.

    I also got some Slin-Sane.

    1000 cals seems like a lot to take with slin-sane pre-wo, what do you guys think for when I should take this stuff (the muscle juice)

  2. I remember using that stuff a few years ago, If I remember right it doesn't mix too well and the scoops are friggin hyooge and it has you use like 3 or 4 of em. I know for me if I had one of those right before the gym id be workin my abs with my head in the toilet.

    Before bed could be helpful it looks like a lot of their protein blend is coming from milk protein so the casein would be a plus. Just depends on how concerned you are with all those extra cals right before bed butttt this is in the bulking section so do it up! You could also throw it in during the day between meals after your workout but it will def fill you up

  3. split ur servings in half mix in milk if possible... If you can take it in the morning when u wake up hungry then u could get away with waiting 50 minutes then lift... But if not then id take split the serving to 1/2 and do it an 90 mins b4 workout

  4. Thanks guys

    Think I will just do 2 scoops before bed every night to make it last longer + I have a NP shake after workout then hard meal 1 hour later then breakfast ~2 after that. May do a second 2 scoops in between 8AM and noon

  5. I'm not certain about the body weight mass gainers use to derive their 4 scoops = 1 serving recommendation, but based on the amount of protein and # of calories in 4 scoops I'd say that is overkill for guys around our weight. Your 2 scoops at a time game plan is probably more relevant to your weight, and will save $.



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