the little things...

  1. the little things...

    alright, well ive been "some what" bulking, as in going heavy with less reps, and eating build muscle

    my diet is good, i mean its not perfect, but i eat enough that im not hungry, and healthy enough i haven't been getting fat, and ive been getting stronger, i mean if i ate perfectly i would probably be growing faster, but its a start... question is, today for instance, i started my morning with eggs, with a peice of wheat toast, and a banana ... so far so good, but next to me on the sofa bro's box of cheezets ( square little cheesy tasty things ) and i well...ive been eating them haha, how much do little things like such really effect you? each day i have a 250 cal snack of what ever ( candy bar, donut ect ect... ) but also these little in between snacks occasionally... just wondering?

  2. Depends on your goals, how fast you want to reach those goals. If your doing a Do-Or-Die bulk, and dont care about some extra pudge around the mid section, then those snacks wont be a big deal. Those calories, while pretty empty being mostly from sugar, are still calories. You want to make sure your eating enough protein and carbs to grow. You want to make most of those carbs good carbs (wheat bread, slow digestion, unless post W/O), but bad carbs wont kill you, will just mean more likely chance of fat storage, due to the high spike of insulin levels,
    and the same time if your trying to keep fat gain to a minimun, snacking on donuts and cheezits are going to hurt you a lot more.
    And also, just a side note, by bulking are you trying to gain mass? or increase strength? I know they sound one in the same, but if your bulking up, are you hitting 8-10 reps? dont want to drop the reps too low or else you wont stimulate enough muscle fibers.

  3. welll its hard to say my goal, i used to be 260lbs of pure fat...and now im 180 but i have alota loose skin and fat around the mid section/thighs/ and tri/inner arm was all diet so no muscle building, i just want to fill those areas with muscle/solid so when i cut, i wont have loose skin anymore. and i want to look stronger / larger

  4. i know i say this alot, but its only because it works amazing. at least for me. jump roping gets all the fat off of me. i dropped 6 pounds in 2 weeks which i know is a bit too much but oh well. just keep diet clean and train heavy but to ab work and jump rope and it will come i promise
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  5. as far as training, i do one exercise of 3 to 5 reps, the next two or 3 exercises of 7 to 10 reps, then the last exercise i do 20 reps. this hits all muscle fibers and it works well, at least for me it does lol
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  6. Idealy you want to eat just enough calories to completely power protein synthesis to repair the exact amount of muscular micro tears you have caused.

    Now its impossible to figure out exactly how much that is, but somwhere around 500+ maintence is a good figure. Too much and you arent helping yourself, thats why its getting stored as fat, because your body isnt using it.

  7. heres my work out
    chest: press, reps 10/8/5 going up in weight
    inclin 10/8/5 going up in weight
    declin 10/8/5 going up in weight
    nautical press 10/8/5 going up in weight
    flys 10/10/10 same weight

    front raises 10/10/10 going up in weight
    side raises 10/10/10 going up in weight
    shrugs 10/10/10 going up in weight
    bar raises 10/10/10 same weight
    over head tri extensions 10/10/10 going up in weight
    skull crushers 10/10 same weight
    tri push downs 10/10 going up in weight
    tri presses 10/10 going up in weight
    tri iso's front and back 10/10 each same weight

    back extensions 10/10/10 going up in weight
    rows 10/8/5 going up in weight
    pulls 10/10 going up in weight
    pull downs 10/10 going up in weight
    reverse pull downs 10/10 going up in weight
    pull down type pull ups 10/10/10 going up in weight
    hammer curls 10/8/5 going up in weight
    21's 2 sets same weight
    preachers 10/8/5 going up in weight
    peak curls 10/10/10 going up in weight
    incline curls 10/8/5 same weight

    then forearms after...... that's my work out schedule cardio + abs when i have time


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